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Checks and balances - and your nipples falling off

Media WatchLife is all about checks and balances, writes Niall Hunt, and nothing reflects this more than today's health headlines

Today's health news again talks about checks and balances. Firstly, Andrew Lansley is at it again. This time he is running a fine line between cutting red tape and creating bureaucracy, but at least he is focusing on what really matters. Mr Lansley has set out a 60-point plan for the NHS, the Telegraph and Daily Mail write. His bold goals include a zero-tolerance approach to superbugs and a pledge to enhance the quality of life for people with long-term conditions, including cancer. Elsewhere, the nationals focus on how an unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for half of cancers. The Telegraph, BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian and Independent all look at a report by Cancer Research UK that says  drinking and smoking less could prevent 134,000 cancer diagnoses each year. And if you are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer, you could face a back-to-work interview while still undergoing treatment, the Guardian reports. The Telegraph also covers how thousands of cancer patients could be forced to prove they are not fit for work while undergoing chemotherapy, which is a depressing thought. But at least chemotherapy is safe, as a study covered by the Telegraph has found. On the subject of depression – its lack of physical symptoms, combined with the guilt in trying to justify mental illness, can be as debilitating as the illness itself, the Guardian reports. And if you thought about making those few changes to prevent your risk of cancer, perhaps getting fitter, don't go too far. The Telegraph, Independent and BBC all report that extreme sports and physical fitness can be extremely bad for the heart, But if that gives you any second thoughts about making these changes, here's one more sobering thought: smoking can make your nipples fall off. That's right, straight from the Daily Mail comes a report that women who have had boob jobs could get gangrene if they smoke post op.  

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