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Is antibiotic resistance a big deal?

Professor Brendan Gilmore discusses what action is being taken to win the "arms race" with bacteria.

Antibiotic resistance is a real problem, but is it the apocalyptic scenario painted by the media and politicians?

C+D spoke to Brendan Gilmore, professor of pharmaceutical microbiology at Queen's University Belfast, to answer this question and understand why this "ancient" phenomenon occurs. 

In this C+D clinical podcast you will learn:

  • The different mechanisms of resistance 
  • How human and animal use has "driven" resistance
  • What steps should be taken to keep ahead of resistance
  • The deficit in new antibiotic production and why "we need a sustainable pipeline of antibiotics"
  • What research is being undertaken in this area
  • The role of the pharmacist in helping to halt the emergence of antibiotic resistance

What do you do to help prevent antibiotic resistance?
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