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Confronting Theresa May ‘shows seriousness’ of pharmacy funding crisis

CPNI: Swift resolution needed to address £20m funding gap
CPNI: Swift resolution needed to address £20m funding gap

An MP’s decision to confront Theresa May about the continuing pharmacy funding crisis in Northern Ireland shows “how serious the situation has become”, CPNI has said.

Ms May said she recognises “the value of community pharmacies”, when asked by Ian Paisley – Democratic Unionist Party MP for North Antrim – in parliament last week (June 20) about “what she is able to do for community pharmacists across Ulster today” in the face of a funding “shortfall of more than £20 million”.

Ms May said the government “will continue to do what we can in the absence of [a functioning devolved government], to protect the delivery of vital public services”.

“The funding gap must be resolved”

Community Pharmacy Northern Ireland (CPNI) told C+D yesterday (June 28) that Ms May had promised it a meeting with Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Karen Bradley, which it “hopes...will take place within the next 10 days”.

“There is now a need for a swift resolution to address the £20m funding gap, and we will be pressing the secretary of state and Prime Minister to take action in the absence of a functioning assembly before it’s too late.”

CPNI claimed last month that 81% of pharmacist respondents to a survey it conducted feel the “current funding situation is having an impact on their own health and wellbeing”.

Are you a Northern Irish pharmacist who is struggling to cope?

Peter Sainsburys, Community pharmacist

She's got more important things to worry about than the ailing pharmacy industry. Amazon will be able to cover for us soon anyway.

Unfortunatley I agree, I think if you asked most of the public to list their major concerns for the country pharmacy wouldn't be in the top 100. Maybe once we're gone or have scaled back "free" services en masse we might creep up the list.

Shortages of doctors, nurses etc. or GP funding cuts will always make headlines but issues like pharmacy generic profit margins? I don't think so

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

typical politician response

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