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SCR rollout to begin at the end of next month

HSCIC: At least one person per pharmacy must attend a face-to-face training session on SCR access

The government will pay contractors a "fixed, one-off payment" after they go live with records access, according to HSCIC


The rollout of the summary care record (SCR) to all pharmacies in England will begin at the end of November, C+D has learned.

Pharmacies will have to cover the upfront costs of implementing read-only SCR access – originally scheduled to begin this autumn – and will receive a “fixed, one-off payment” after they go live, the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) told C+D yesterday (October 26).

The organisation would not confirm how much it expected implementation to cost contractors, but said costs would include the “co-ordination of the evidence that the pharmacy [team] are ready to access SCR”, as well as staff training and any “technical changes needed".

The government has already pledged £7.5 million to partially fund the rollout of SCR access across the country. This money will be used to cover the one-off payment to contractors, but also to "explore new capabilities" for the SCR, such as giving pharmacists full read-write access, HSCIC told C+D.

NHS England, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Commitee (PSNC), and the Department of Health are still agreeing the "mechanism" by which contractors will be reimbursed, HSCIC said. 

The rollout “will differ according to the area and organisation”, HSCIC stressed. It pledged to publish further information on its website "as we receive more definitive implementation plans".

At least one person per pharmacy must attend a face-to-face briefing session about the SCR before their team is granted access to the record.

HSCIC told C+D it expects SCR coverage to "significantly increase" in the "early part" of next year.


How much do you think it will cost to implement SCR access?

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N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

It was a genuine question. Why thumbs down? Just answer

Bal Singh, Locum pharmacist

nope, not an option so far, because the SCR leaders believe there is no reason to opt out, as there is no professional liability for not checking an SCR. But your indemnity insurance provider will helpfully inform you that there is still Civil liability...especially when you have to include it into your SOP. The GPhC have made no guidance as of yet, which is worrying, because they could tomorrow decide it is mandatory a clinical requirement assessment. Even though experiences have shown that SCRs are not always complete, or accurate, nor is there any regulation by the GP surgery as to who writes them or updates them.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Is it a must or the pharmacy can opt-out ???

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