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Day Lewis ‘very keen’ to buy Lloyds pharmacies

Mr Patel predicts up to 30 Lloydspharmacy branches will come up for sale

Day Lewis CEO Kirit Patel believes Lloydspharmacy will have to sell off its own branches following a watchdog's investigation into the multiple's deal with Sainsbury's


Day Lewis is “very, very keen” to buy any Lloydspharmacy branches that come up for sale as a result of a competition watchdog's investigation its acquisition of Sainsbury’s pharmacy business, C+D has learned.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said last week that the deal will reduce consumer choice in 78 areas. Day Lewis CEO Kirit Patel said Lloydspharmacy is more likely to try and sell some of its own branches to resolve this issue, rather than give up any of the Sainsbury's pharmacies.

"I don't believe [Sainsbury's] will allow them to shut a pharmacy," he told C+D in an exclusive interview yesterday (December 16). Mr Patel predicts this would result in between 25 and 30 Lloydspharmacy branches coming up for sale.

Day Lewis would be interested in buying Lloydspharmacy branches because they are “very much the Day Lewis type” of community pharmacy, and would be easier to “integrate” into the chain, Mr Patel added. 

The chain has not opened talks with Lloydspharmacy because it is “ go knocking on someone’s door before there are shops for sale”, he stressed.

Competition consultant Vivienne Robinson told C+D last week that some of Lloydspharmacy's competitors may try to “scupper” the multiple's deal with Sainsbury's if they ae given the opportunity to input into the CMA investigation.


Who would you like to see buy the remaining Lloyds branches?

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Dipak Patel, Community pharmacist

Every time i go onto the C&D website i find myself looking at another day lewis article and kirit!

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Seems to be his mouthpiece. You have to wonder if Kirit is paying for all the publicity. Or maybe C&D have an interest in Day Lewis ?

Chris Mckendrick, Community pharmacist

If it's so rude to go knocking on someone's door before their shops are for sale then perhaps you could stop sending me random letters asking to buy my shop? Same post as Mike obviously but it is SO RUDE

Mr Smith, Pharmaceutical Adviser

It amazes me why anyone would consider selling a Pharmacy privately without running a Sales Process. You will really maximise the value of the Goodwill!

Chris Bland, Superintendent Pharmacist

Maybe just letting them close, without affecting pharmaceutical provision in an area may help with the £170M cuts?

Nick Hunter, Community pharmacist

I'm surprised KR of London wasn't the first to suggest this!

Dave Downham, Manager

Here's one for you, Kirit. Why not offer to buy some of the supermarket pharmacies to help out poor old Lloyds, or would you prefer to take advantage of some knock-down fire sales that they may have to make? TBH, can't blame them for being opportunistic - who wouldn't apart from London Locum wouldn't? - but thought they might have kept schtum until the outcome is published. Unless they've been given a nudge and a wink already...

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Kirit again!! Mr insincerity. Terrible company to work for. Just ask one of their pharmacists.

Farm Assistant, Community pharmacist

Poor employees. Either way they will end up working for a shi*e boss. The result will depend on which company pays the biggest bribe.

Mike Hewitson, Superintendent Pharmacist

“ go knocking on someone’s door before there are shops for sale” about those letters you keep sending me offering to buy the business...

Honest Tikes, Sales

....every 6 months without fail.And if you bite and agree a price expect him to try and reduce it just before exchange of contracts...Soooooo rude!!!

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Speak to those who have done business with him(purchasing or selling). The majority will tell you what he's like. Lovely bunch(putting patients first LOL)

Mike Hewitson, Superintendent Pharmacist

“ go knocking on someone’s door before there are shops for sale” about those letters you keep sending me offering to buy the business...

Chris ., Community pharmacist

“very much the Day Lewis type” ? Whats that? Very low pay and no staff?

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

Patel is a very greedy boy ! Why not encourage young pharmacists to become owners ? I think a veto should be put onto any sales unless they are sold to owner operators.

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

I would definitely advocate young pharmacist entrepreneurs !!!. Oooops. didn't realize he was of the same ilk as Boots and lloyds ;-((

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

Wow, someone with morals !!

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