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Day Lewis partners with Australian firm to launch prescription app

Day Lewis will roll out a branded version of the MedAdvisor app from early 2020

Day Lewis has partnered with an Australian technology company to roll out a medicines management app to its more than 270 pharmacies.

From early 2020, Day Lewis will become the first UK pharmacy chain to roll out a branded version of the MedAdivsor app – which allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions and manage their medicines via their smartphone and internet devices – the technology company announced last week (August 1).

MedAdvisor has been working with NHS Digital to gain NHS-approved patient authentication processes for the app, as well as access to the electronic prescription service and GPs’ summary care records to check patients’ prescription history, the company told C+D.

The app is free for patients to download and will enable them to track the progress of their repeat prescription, plus access information about their medicines, MedAdvisor explained.

MedAdvisor will be charging a monthly recurring licence fee, as well as SMS messaging fees, to Day Lewis for each participating pharmacy, it added.

Commenting on the partnership, Day Lewis executive director Sam Patel said: “Our customers want convenience, choice and information underpinning quality use of medicines.

“By working with MedAdvisor and supporting its rollout in the UK, we can better deliver our company’s core purpose: to help people in the community stay healthy and feel better.”

Other pharmacies to follow

Following the Day Lewis rollout, MedAdvisor – which already operates medicines management apps for pharmacies in Australia, the USA and the Philippines – will look to offer the app to other pharmacies in the UK, it said.

Managing director Jamal Butt said: “It is exciting for us to be entering the UK market with a strong and differentiated customer proposition, and with the Day Lewis group, a large and respected brand in the UK.

“Helping people take control of their health is important and our solution, which fully supports the NHS long-term plan, will help improve medicines adherence and health outcomes for many people across the UK.”

Last week, C+D reported that patients will be able to book appointments at more than 250 Day Lewis branches via a separate smartphone app.

Does your pharmacy have an app?

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

It's all fun and games until the receptionists forgets to pass the request on to the GP. Waste of money - don't forget how expensive e - commerce is 

If patients want to order medicines online they should be encouraged to use the surgery's online system. All GPs seem to have one these days.

There is no need for these third party ordering systems to be linked to patient records, the systems are already there. Why deal with a middle man when you can deal with the doctor direct? 

ABC DEF, Primary care pharmacist

Though I agree with this it's never gonna happen. The multiples make these apps mainly to ''lock-in'' patients to ensure loyalty so the scripts money won't go elsewhere, and if they encourage patients to use surgery's online system this can no longer be guaranteed.

It's all about money afterall never about patient care. Reminds me of the MUR which is now sentenced to death. Since when the companies care about review quality and outcomes? £28 is the ONE AND ONLY thing they cared about and they literally just don't give a single dxxx what quality interventions you've made.

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

"""to help people in the community stay healthy and feel better."""

"""Helping people take control of their health""

How can an app, which replaces people getting off their bums and visit their Pharmacy to drop in their repeat slip, can make patients Healthy, feel better and take complete control of their health??

All it does is send an order to the surgery, just like the existing routes. It does not make any quicker generation of scripts or the drugs being dispensed. It would definitely not come to your home and feed you your medicines as prescribed, or make you follow all the healthy living advice given or make you get off your backside and do some exercise!!

In the name of technology, all we are doing is making people more lazy, letting bigger pharmacies to poach patients from smaller pharmacies and loads of money for the inventors of the app.

I would support these apps if I can see 1 really distinctive benefit, which is currently not available, that would change the life of the patient with respect to their health otherwise its just hot air.

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

Anyone remember what happened the last time a pharmacy worked with an Australian firm...? #pharmacy2me2u

Another Pharmacist, Hospital pharmacist

@editorial - has medadvisor stated why they don't appear on this list yet then as an active or in-progress service?

Grace Lewis, Editorial

A spokesperson for MedAdvisor said:

"We are  actively working with  GPSoC, the GP IT futures programme, and others to develop the best solution for patients."

Grace Lewis, Deputy Editor

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