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Day Lewis to pilot click-and-collect in January

Day Lewis is piloting the scheme to offer patients more choice of products, says chief information officer Jay Patel

All Day Lewis branches should offer the service by March, says chief information officer Jay Patel


Day Lewis will pilot a click-and-collect service in January, C+D has learned.

Ten stores will pilot the scheme – which will allow patients to order products online and collect them through in-store terminals – with a full rollout expected by March.

The company is introducing the service to offer patients a “virtual inventory” of products larger than that offered by any one pharmacy, Day Lewis chief information officer Jay Patel told C+D in an exclusive interview last week (November 26).

The service, which will be offered through the company’s website, will see patients select prescriptions by registering online with an individual branch. They can then collect their medicines by using a click-and-collect terminal in the chosen store, said Mr Patel.

Day Lewis owns online pharmacy, which in 2013 teamed up with the National Pharmacy Association to offer independents the chance to run click-and-collect services on a range of products. 

An "extension of the pharmacy"

Mr Patel said money generated through retail sales and dispensed items will be returned to the correct pharmacy to avoid “demotivating” pharmacy teams.

“Our website is an extension of their pharmacy. If [products are] collected from the pharmacy or ordered by a patient of that pharmacy, they belong to that pharmacy,” he stressed.

The pharmacy chain is profiling where patients collect their prescriptions so it can encourage them to order retail products for collection at the same branches, Mr Patel said.


How could a click-and-collect service benefit your pharmacy?

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What do you make of Day Lewis's plans?

Sunil lakhani, Community pharmacist

Nothing new just a renamed version of the patient using technology to collect, however, the difference is that the products will be dispensed centrally, so this is the foundation for the "hub and spoke model" and as is usual the multiples are ahead of the game. The independents just cannot compete in this market, the technology is not yet available and how do a group of independents agree to set up a Hub? Compound this with a proposed cut in income of around £14K per pharmacy and where do independents go next?

Marc Borson, Community pharmacist

This is not new, customer calls pharmacy: Customer: hi can i order 2 x lynx spays please and bottle of brut, Store: well we do not have it in but will tomorrow. Customer: ok great i will come tomorrow. Store: ok that will be £14.00 you can pay in cash, cheque, card, bit coin, on account, or services rendered. If you prefer i can take your card details now and i will process it as a mail order. When you get here you can collect. Customer: great may be next i will email you so it can be a little quicker. Store: Yes great please do so, or did you know we have a web site that allows you to pay for goods online and then save the extortionate postage by collecting in store? Customer: Yes i knew that so i will order on line. Whats new? We are even are a Numark DPD pick up point for other online retailers, no pilot needed. we have doing this since 1999.

Old Timer, Manager

what is new here,? other Pharmacies have been doing this for years ,C&D seem very ,very keen to promote and offer free publicity to Day Lewis ,seems a little unhealthy .

John Urwin, Community pharmacist

We are already using a form of "Click and Collect" for dispensed items. However, instead of using a click and collect terminal in-store we have trained staff and pharmacists who hand over the medication and can answer any queries. We call it "EPSr2" and "EPS-Repeat Dispensing". Patients love it!

Stevie C, Pharmacy Asistant/ Medicine Counter Assistant

Sometimes I despair when I see some of the comments on here a new service that allows a patient to have access to a larger range in a smaller store can only be positive.

Farm Assistant, Community pharmacist

And I despair when I read comments like yours.

geoffrey gardener, Community pharmacist

Cracking good idea means you can have zero stock in your pharmacy,just what the accountant ordered. Bit inconvenient for the customer but what the heck.

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