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Diabetes UK pharmacist 'champion' will explore sector's role

Elizabeth Hackett will use her position to involve more pharmacists in diabetic care

Leicester hospital pharmacist Elizabeth Hackett is the first pharmacist to join the clinical champion programme

A diabetes charity's first pharmacy "champion" wants to explore ways for the profession to become more involved in caring for patients with the condition. 

Elizabeth Hackett, formulary pharmacist and principal diabetes pharmacist for hospitals in Leicester, is the first to be named a Diabetes UK "clinical champion", it announced on Tuesday (October 6).

The programme – which aims to improve the consistency of care for diabetic patients – launched last year with the appointment of 10 specialist consultants, GPs and nurses. The charity urged senior pharmacists to volunteer for the second wave of appointments in February and announced another 20 clinical champions – including Ms Hackett – this week.

Clinical champions hold
 their post for two years, and Ms Hackett said she intends to use her position to "involve pharmacists more in the delivery of care to diabetic patients". 

"The number of people developing diabetes is growing at an alarming rate and we have to think creatively about how we support them," Ms Hackett added.

The charity said it wants to promote the needs of diabetic patients to commissioners, service managers and healthcare professionals, it added.

In March, NHS England confirmed that pharmacists will play an "important role" in referring patients to a national diabetes prevention programme.

How can pharmacists increase support for diabetics?

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Muhammad Ismail, Hospital pharmacist

Is this aimed at all or just Type 2 diabetics? It's a great initiative either way as the NHS is spending a lot on the disease, with costs rising at an alarming rate. Additionally a large portion of spend on Diabetes care is treating its complications in contrast to actually managing and treating the disease.

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