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EMIS acquires PharmOutcomes and plans to expand pharmacy services

Shanel Raichura: EMIS will be able to "provide new services more quickly to pharmacy customers”
Shanel Raichura: EMIS will be able to "provide new services more quickly to pharmacy customers”

EMIS Group has purchased the PharmOutcomes platform as part of its strategy to “drive widespread improvements in medicines management”, the company has announced.

Healthcare software and systems provider EMIS Group announced last week (March 12) that it had acquired the businesses that own and operate PharmOutcomes – Pinnacle Health Partnership and Pinnacle Systems Management.

In a statement released last week, EMIS said the acquisition of service management solution PharmOutcomes, used by around 11,000 community pharmacists, is part of the group’s “strategy to drive widespread improvements in medicines management and to support pharmacy in providing more clinical services”.

EMIS added that the acquisition will allow it to provide a broader range of patient services to pharmacists. This includes plans for “a new end-to-end solution that will make it easier for digital GP referrals to pharmacy”, with EMIS confirming that work is “already underway” on this. The new service will connect PharmOutcomes and the Patient Access app, part of the EMIS Health arm of the business.

EMIS Health clinical director Shanel Raichura said: “This is an exciting acquisition for EMIS Group. It will enable us to provide new services more quickly to our pharmacy customers – supporting them in their changing role.”

Mr Raichura added that by “joining up technology” the PharmOutcomes acquisition will enable EMIS to make it easier for pharmacies to “fulfil the requirements of the new contract”.

Pinnacle Health Partnership managing directors Gary Warner and Kevin Noble will remain in their roles following the acquisition, as will their respective management teams.

Mr Warner said: “We created PharmOutcomes to help commissioners to understand and better engage with pharmacy. Becoming part of EMIS Group will open up a host of new opportunities for us to build on our success and to further support pharmacy in its future role. It’s an exciting time.”

What do you make of the technology?

PARESH shah, Community pharmacist

Considering what they are charging on Patient Access for pharmacies this will inevitabley lead to more costs. Only a business decision not a pharmacy friendly decision.

Joan Richardson, Locum pharmacist

Can only hope that this will make it easier for information to pass between pharmacies and GP's and vice versa but I'm not holding my breath.

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

Wasn't Pharmoutcomes developed by two members of PSNC - who have now sold out to EMIS (which I beleive is a GP-owned company?) - to quote a line from Blackadder II - bend over, it's poker time!

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

What on earth?? The very slow and irresponsive customer services team will now get worse off. More services?? Nahhhh More chaos!!!

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