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EMIS: Unlikely pharmacists will ever amend GP records

Ian Taylor: Pharmacists should not be reliant on GP information

The sector should have its own patient records rather than relying on GPs, says EMIS Health's Ian Taylor


It is unlikely pharmacists will ever be allowed to amend GP records, systems supplier EMIS Health has predicted.

NHS England is currently investigating whether pharmacists should be allowed to amend the summary care record (SCR) in the wake of a national rollout, but EMIS Health told C+D today (March 29) that the move would be a mistake.

Instead, pharmacists should be able to create their own patient records, according to Ian Taylor, managing director of EMIS Health Community Pharmacy.

Pharmacist could add to a patient's record over time and share this with other healthcare professionals when needed, he said. 

"I don’t think [pharmacists] will be writing, either in a SCR, or directly into a GP [record]. And why should you? Pharmacy should have its own record.

"[If] the pharmacist holds their own clinical [record] around the patient, you can then support the patient with knowledge that you have about them, rather than relying on what the GP holds."

Mr Taylor said the desire for pharmacists to have their own record was "driving" EMIS Health's work.

It will form a central pillar of Proscript Connect, which will replace pharmacy system Proscript from later this year, he said.

Proscript users can currently access a summary of a patient's record from GP practices that use an EMIS Health system. 

This record is "slightly richer" than the SCR, Mr Taylor said.

New EMIS contract with Lloydspharmacy owners

C+D's exclusive interview with Mr Taylor comes after EMIS Health announced a major new contract with Lloydspharmacy owner Celesio UK earlier this month (March 16).

EMIS Health could supply the systems for all 1,800 Lloyds pharmacies, starting with the Proscript Connect software later in 2016.

The contract will mean EMIS Health systems cover nearly 50% of community pharmacies in the UK, the company claimed.


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Asmara Huma Taqui, Locum pharmacist

I work in a secure environment where we have access to the full PMR and anyone accessing it is able to add notes relevant to the patient's care. We get to see input from all other HCPs and are able to discuss any issues as a team. As a pharmacist it has been an amazing way of making sure the patients are getting the correct medication and doses, especially when changes to therapy are made, to make sure NICE guidelines are being applied and to make sure medications are stopped when they are no longer required. It also allows us to intervene before rather than after an event to optimise treatment. These are just a few positive points. Having a separate record is pointless. Community pharmacists would be able to provide much better care for their patients if they had the same access.

s8chy P, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

This man has no idea how to care for patients. He should not even be given this platform to speak. OF COURSE pharmacists can treat patients better using SCR/GP records. This man wants to sell pharmacy his overpriced garbage

b t, Manager

The bigger picture is that the big corporate buyers want to have records that their competitor does not. So Lloyds or Boots or others benefit because a small Independent cannot see the record held by them. However, if we all accessed the read write SCR then there is a level playing field.

Big business. Always follow the money.

Raymond Anderson, Community pharmacist

Surely we are not going to amend (change, modify or edit) a GP record!! Professionally we should be annotating a patients record with our interventions, not amending. And while we do and should create our own records there are times we need to get the fuller picture and access to a patient's  record to fulfill a role in managing a patients condition or give advice on how best they can manage their medicines.

Asmara Huma Taqui, Locum pharmacist

Think the wording may be wrong. Nobody should be able to amend records as such as there should be a clear audit trail of what happens. Pharmacists should be able to update the records to highlight errors, queries, duplicate meds etc. Where I work we mark things in error, stop meds, put notes on to say we have queried issues and what the outcome was if for any reason it contradicts guidelines etc.

Gurvinder Chopra, Administration & Support

If this happened it will be a legal minefield and probably is not the best way to build trusting relationships with GP colleagues. The world of pharmacy is changing and I think as pharmacists are bringing their clinical expertise in house in th GP surgery and the governments determination to take community pharmacy down a supply route any communication that needs to take place will probably be as a conversation between the practice and community pharmacist. What EMIS should probably look into however is seamless communication such as the ability to be able to send Tasks from Proscript into EMIS web or vice versa.

THB _B, Community pharmacist

Yes mate let's create a new system that we can sell to pharmacies... I being cynical?

Jonathon Churchill, Locum pharmacist

We already have our own records. Its called the PMR. What utter nonsense.

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

You have to laugh. Patient safety is number one they all cry. That nonsense statement doesn't fool anybody anymore.

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

The arrogance of the man that says it's the GP record when in reality it is the patients record!

Bapi Patel, Work for a health/commissioning consultancy company


Sorry, but surely the idea is that a shared record underpins the patient journey across a joined up health system. What is being suggested here is pointless and yet another example of the thinking that keeps pharmacy away from participating in healthcare and enforces the persistent devaluation of the industry. 


Mr Pharmacist!, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Seriously all this patient jouney, Joined up health system is nonsense rhetoric.  All this government wants and will get is a no-frills low cost service, rather like EasyJet!  Quicker people realise, the quicker we can move on and remould the business model.  Others who think they can "persuade" the government are living in cloud cookoo land, rather like the "services" brigade, who have now gone completely AWOL!

A Hussain, Senior Management

Making EMIS even more poweful is a grave error.

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

Helps if you have powerful friends.

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

This is the organisation that couldnt be bothered to send anyone to an eps masterclass event and whose pmr system is riddled with bits that dont speak to each other. Maybe its because they dont know how to make Pharmacist amendment happen happen or care?

Mr Pharmacist!, Pharmaceutical Adviser

This is a company that also has an interest in P2U, who illegally sold data and were "ICO convicted Data sellers".  Speaks volumes about EMIS ;)

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