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Emla cream campaign targets parents of children who fear needles


Aspen Pharma UK has launched a campaign for its anaesthetic cream, targeting parents whose children require injections.

The ‘Mum’s Magic Cream’ campaign, which launched last week (May 29), aims to inform parents that Emla cream – which contains lidocaine and prilocaine – can help “ease the pain of childhood needle procedures, such as routine immunisations, travel vaccinations and blood tests”, Aspen Pharma UK said.

As part of the campaign, the manufacturer has launched a dedicated YouTube channel and Facebook page for Emla, as well as a consumer website – – and partnered with pregnancy and parenting resource ‘Emma’s Diary’.

“The memory of needle pain can have a lasting effect,” as up to “one in four adults fear needles, with most fears developing in childhood”, Aspen claimed. Emla cream can “help numb the skin before needle procedures or minor skin operations”, it added.

The designated over-the-counter pack, containing one 5g tube of Emla cream and two occlusive dressings, retails at £5.50.

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