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Family-run pharmacy uses £500k loan to launch MURs and free deliveries

HealthPoint Pharmacy in Colwall, Herefordshire (Credit: © 2018 Google, image capture: July 2016)
HealthPoint Pharmacy in Colwall, Herefordshire (Credit: © 2018 Google, image capture: July 2016)

A family-run pharmacy group has secured a £544,000 loan to acquire a second branch and launch a suite of new services for patients in a rural village.

The husband-and-wife team – who already own B&H Pharmacy in Worcestershire – bought the branch in Colwall in July after securing the loan from Santander.

Balbinder Jagpal – who acquired HealthPoint Pharmacy with his wife, Harjinder Jagpal – said his daughter and son-in-law are running the business, which opened “six weeks ago”.

The team has already revamped the pharmacy’s service offering, including introducing free medicines deliveries, which have “not been offered [here] before”, Mr Jagpal told C+D last week (August 24).

“Colwall is quite a small village” with “a predominantly elderly population”. The nearest pharmacy is “about four miles away”, he claimed.

Despite the recent trend for pharmacies charging for medicines deliveries, Mr Jagpal said it would be “ludicrous” to charge for this service in the Colwall area.

Patients “really like” MURs

The pharmacy – which serves 2,500 residents – has already introduced new medicine service (NMS) consultations and medicines use reviews (MURs) – which were not offered by the previous owner – as well as a sore throat testing service and flu vaccinations.

The pharmacy has completed “near enough” 100 MURs since it opened, Mr Jagpal estimated, and patients “are really taking to them”.

The branch has “also increased the retail side of things”, he said. “People go for walks in the [nearby] Malvern Hills, so it makes sense to have first aid and strappings.”

“We’ve already noticed an uptake of about 20-30% from the retail side,” he explained

“Less reliant on NHS”

The group has plans to expand further, Mr Jagpal said, and has “got a model in mind of the sort of pharmacies we want”.

“We’re trying to get away from that 90%:10% turnover [model], where 90% is NHS [income] and 10% is everything else.

“We don’t know what the future holds for [NHS funding] so we are looking at anything else we can offer,” he added.

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Chris Locum, Locum pharmacist

Good luck to the owners in financially trying times. However, it is a terrible headline for the article. How would you convince any bank to loan 500k by free deliveries alone is beyond me! Mind you the central banks did this kind of economic finance and brought the system to the brink of failure! The pharmacy would not be bailed out because an investment turned sour.

A England, Manager

What a stupid headline....“500k to launch MURs and free delivery’... Delivery of antipsychotics to the moon and back? I cannot believe how C&D censors so many comments, yet stupid headlines like these, that damage its reputation, are left in the open. How embarrassing. How about this for a headline: Family-run pharmacy secures £1million to purchase cat grooming business!

Chris Naidu, Superintendent Pharmacist

All the best to the Jagpals!!

Audentes Fortuna Juvat. 



Mike Bereza, Community pharmacist

We are supposed to use less latin terminology in healthcare, Audentes Fortuna Juvat = Fortune Favours the Bold. I Googled it.

max falconer, Superintendent Pharmacist

Sloppy reporting C&D! This is not an image of the pharmacy in Colwall unless its had a total rebuild and then had accelarated ageing............

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

Good luck with the acquisition. There is still money to be made but most likely the owner is the pharmacist and the pharmacy will have a village like feel to it. Time to take patients off the corporates!

The title of this article is misleading in the extreme in my opinion. Clearly the bank won't have loaned in excess of £500k purely for delivery service and MUR. Gone are the days when banks couldn’t throw money at people fast enough. Clearly those clever chaps at Santander have weighed up the risks and decided that their money is safe enough.
In reality though, it must be slow news day down at C&D HQ. 'Family get bank loan to buy business and diversify to increase profits'.

Sue Per, Locum pharmacist

I think the title should be edited to read, £540k secured to acquire a 2nd pharmacy, and have commenced free deliveries (On arkwrights pedal bicycle) to secure the buisness, and make the people even more lazy to walk to their local pharmacy. They will invest in three wheeler van, when the tax payer funds it.

The buyers are in the know, and have acquired a 2nd pharmacy, because they know how profitable it is. Thanks for the generosity of the Paymaster.As for the MUR's is there a consulting room?? or are they done at the counter, with the boxes ticked off !!!! in a matter of a few minutes



A Hussain, Senior Management

Bitter much?!

It's not fair to insinuate that illegal/substandard MUR's are being carried out here unless you know that they are.  If it's a quiet pharmacy then the MUR's may well be to a higher standard than some conducted at busier pharmacies.

Fair play to them for having a go at making a success of their busines.  It's their risk after all.

Ari Butt, Community pharmacist

Good luck ! 

Graham Morris, Design

A very brave move. I wish you well.


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