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Funding settlement due 'in the next week', NHS England says

The global sum has increased by 13 per cent to £3.8 billion, according to an anonymous source

Global sum will increase 13 per cent to £2.8bn, anonymous source tells C+D in advance of official annoucement

An announcement on the long-awaited funding settlement for pharmacy in England is due "in the next week", NHS England has told C+D.

The news comes a day after an anonymous source told C+D the settlement would see the global sum increase 13 per cent, by £314 million to £2.8 billion.

As part of the agreed settlement for 2012-13 and beyond – yet to be confirmed by PSNC or NHs England – category M funding will be increased by £10m a month, £870 per pharmacy, the source said yesterday (September 17). The new medicines service (NMS) would become part of the sector's core funding and there would be a reduction in fees and allowances, the source said.

Pharmacists would be required to deliver at least 75 per cent of medicine use reviews (MURs) to patients within the national target groups, an increase from the current level of 50 per cent, the source added.

NHS England could not confirm the details today (September 18) but said the sector would be "getting something in the next week", while PSNC could not comment.

The increase in the global sum from the £2.486bn agreed in the October 2012 interim arrangements to £2.8bn was first mooted by NHS commentator Roy Lilley in May.

The sector has been waiting for a funding agreement since the interim arrangements were introduced in October 2012. In February of last year, PSNC told pharmacists they could expect a new funding agreement before the end of last summer. By June it had pushed the deadline back to autumn.

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Dodo pharmacist, Community pharmacist

so it comes out then, the pay settlement is actually a 5p per item pay cut for the rest of the financial year - yet another great result rom PSNC! And the COSI inquiry results are not included - what a total waste of time.

Disillusioned Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

I know this is pie in the sky but lets hope all the fees are 'baked in' and we go back to a situation where we do not have to do MUR/NMS just to make money for the multiples. Personally I hope they stop funding services like MUR & NMS altogether because they are the biggest source of stress for pharmacists. Area Managers wouldn't dream of putting targets on EHC consultations so why do they get away with it for NMS & MUR's? It should be the same, based on clinical need except that its just a paperwork exercise in the main and time it was scrapped.

John Nuttall, Superintendent

This is a very unhelpful article which has no foundation in the mechanics of the funding model and therefore misleading. Better I would propose to let PSNC do their work as we have mandated them.

, Superintendent Pharmacist

Is this 13% per year, and back-dated to October 2012 or is the 13% all rolled up for the last two years? Further, if the global sum is going up, why are the fees and allowances coming down? Even accounting for the cat M going up by £120m per year, the total increase is still £314m. Don't tell me that there is another claw-back which results in yet lower fees and allowances.

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

"" Don't tell me that there is another claw-back which results in yet lower fees and allowances""

Highly possible. The Global sum may Include some £100m+ in un-foreseen NMS funding. And the some Cat M clawbacks, reduction item fees + practice payment etc. They may earmark more money to services that would never take off. Who knows? DoH and PSNC & NHSE. But wait till next week, let the Scotland issue be resolved first !!

Uma Patel, Community pharmacist

A reliable sourse said ' Read my lips, there is no more money'.
Its more work for same or less.
Other NHS workers are not getting any more either.
I don't think we are going to be an exception

John Alan James Robinson, Superintendent Pharmacist

Very difficult for PSNC to comment. NHS England /DH always have the first say. Governments hate leaks. Seems to me that your anonymous source must be close to PSNC or NHS England. Or perhaps a colleague of someone in the know. Interesting stuff about NMS since it has been extended more than once in a piecemeal fashion. Of course the positive evaluation will have changed thinking. Didn't like the bit in a previous article about small multiples being better at delivery than independents. There surely will be a two tier system if this is correct. More than once have I heard the semantics of coercion and published league tables. Those who do will get paid. Those who don't will whistle. Two tier professionals and two tier payment structures eh ?

Robert Darracott, Community pharmacist

Try to ignore the bit about who's better than who. As we said at the time, the sample was too small to really make those comparisons; we told journalists who asked that was NOT the story.

John Alan James Robinson, Superintendent Pharmacist

Yes Rob thats not the argument. Some academic has seen fit to endorse that view. Used to be a matter of ethics under RPS to draw invidious distinctions which ties in rather nicely with other threads about RPS. A better tack might be some research on the quality as well as outcomes ?

[email protected], Pre-reg graduate

How did C&D get hold of this information? There is no reference to this subject anywhere, PSNC, DoH, NHSE or any other site. And added on top the referendum is going to be discussed throughout till the end of this month, I feel, whichever way the result is.

Please someone add more clarity?

Tony Schofield, Community pharmacist

It's been common knowledge for some time that the global sum may increase. The rest is tinkering.

Martin Bennett, Community pharmacist

In the report there's a phrase " and there would be a reduction in fees and allowances"
Worryingly, this sounds like some of the "increases" we've had in the past.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

"getting something in the next week", while PSNC could not comment.""

Something??? Really?? Is this the attitude and response we get from DoH?? I feel like a dog waiting for months till Christmas to discover a bowl discarded bones as a treat !!!

.... and it does not surprise me that ""PSNC could not comment.,"" They don't have a face to comment as they have not negotiated enough in our favour. All they are going to do is have press release after the DoH releases the details. They will take all credit for any increase in funding and either critisise or try to defend the claw backs and wash their hands off till the next negotiation stage.

And elsewhere we are fighting on a subject of whether we are a profession or not by joining a certain organisation. I hope they are watching this space.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

""PSNC was unanimous in accepting the settlement as the best possible outcome for community pharmacy contractors and a sound basis for continuing to develop the community pharmacy service.""

I told you so !!!


It is not what you know but who you know..........

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

I know it is irrelevent here, but what happened to the headline news from yesterday about Boots vs PDA ?? Was someone forced to take that topic off? Just like how they bully their Pharmacists?

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

YEY its back ;-)

Pillman Uk, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

How wonder how much of the service payments are "baked in"?

*homage to a great psnc rep*


It seems to me that the powers to be have noticed the boom in internet Pharmacies and as such have decided maybe these dispense the majority of prescriptions at a lower cost to the tax payer and High street Pharmacies concentrate on providing new services like NMS,MUR, Flu vaccines, INR checking, emergency contraception, Minor ailment , diabetes screening, hajj vaccines etc in an attempt to decrease the pressure on GP surgeries.


The problem with NMS is that most GPs/surgeries are not interested.

If a patient brings a script into a pharmacy which can be used as an NMS, the Pharmacist fills in the form. A week later The Pharmacist then contacts the patient a few days later to note any problems. If a Pharmacy is run by locums, this is rarely chased. up.

If a problem does occur, then the Pharmacist needs to fill the paperwork and then this has to be taken to the local surgery. There is no guarantee that the patient will take the paperwork to the surgery, maybe the patient looses the paperwork, the surgery looses the paperwork, the GP doesn't recognise NMS, a locum GP doesn't take any notice etc etc etc

There are too many IFs and BUTs...........I rather the money is used to raise the dispensing fee as 90p seems very low.....

Robert Darracott, Community pharmacist

So what if GPs/surgeries are not interested? It's a community pharmacy service that supports patients' use of medicines based on evidence that shows taking a new medicine people can have lots of questions once they start, and that providing an opportunity for a pharmacist to resolve those questions leads to patients being less likely to be non-adherent at 3 weeks and 3 months. This is a proven care improvement service (average value to the NHS almost £100) - what's the guaranteed outcome from dispensing a prescription? Yes, the NMS might reveal something that needs the GP to do a bit - but they should be interested in improving outcomes or reducing adverse events, even if they are not interested in "NMS".

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

So what if GPs/surgeries are not interested?

GPs I think you'll find are quite important as Pharmacists have to spend most of their time kissing their [email protected] if they want to make a reasonable living.


It's the surgery that issues prescriptions
So yes they do matter

And they let u on the register. !

Robert Darracott, Community pharmacist

At least you can find me on the register. I'm not hiding.

Sachin Badiani, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

Okay... So I hope the target areas for MURs are increased from 3 to more than as well....

I wonder about the amount of reduction in fees....

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