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First GP to give pharmacy write-access to records speaks to C+D

GP Farzana Hussain
GP Farzana Hussain: "I hadn’t realised that pharmacists cannot view most of the records"

The first GP to take part in a pilot to grant a nearby pharmacy read-write access to patient records told C+D how it has benefited both professions.

GP Farzana Hussain of Project Surgery in Newham, London told C+D last week (April 12) she would like “every community pharmacist in the country” to have read-write access to patient records (see video below).

Ms Hussain has been working in partnership with Jignesh Patel, owner of Rohpharm Pharmacy in Newham, which has been piloting a read-write patient records system from EMIS Health “for between 18 months and two years”, Mr Patel told C+D in March.

The EMIS Web for Pharmacy system allows a pharmacy to check a patient’s medical history, including previous diagnosis and attendances at A&E, x-rays, possible drug contraindications and liver function test results, as well as book follow-up GP appointments on the patient’s behalf and refer them to other healthcare providers.

Mr Patel told C+D he is also able to write notes into the patient’s record, for which he alerts the GPs by text message or email.

Watch the video:

How would you make the most of read-write access to records?

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

I hope I have misunderstood but it appears from this story that the write access to SCRs is in the gift of the local GP! Surely we want all pharmacists to have write-access BECAUSE IT'S BETTER FOR PATIENTS and NOT because some medic has been "gracious" enough to allow it!

Marc Krishek, Pharmaceutical Adviser

The moral of the story is work with your local GP, do not rely on NHS whose ambition is SCR

@adam hall

This is a good development with respect to closer healthcare professional working. If you’re still hung up about not getting into medical school there’s plenty of GEM courses to apply to. 

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