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GPhC head of education to attend tomorrow's C+D debate

Readers can join the debate by emailing their views to [email protected]

The event will be broadcast live on the C+D homepage from 4-5pm tomorrow (December 8)


The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) will join students and training providers to debate whether the education system needs an overhaul at a C+D webinar tomorrow (December 8).

GPhC head of education Damian Day will be speaking at the webinar – broadcast live on the C+D homepage at 4pm – alongside Noma Al-Ahmad, managing director of training provider ProPharmace.

They will be joined by Jay Modhvadia, co-director of student support organisation Team Pre-Reg, and Zohib Sheikh, a pre-registration student who recently graduated from the University of Hertfordshire.

For the first time, readers will be able to listen to the discussion live on the C+D homepage without the need to register for the debate. They will also be able to listen back to the full event over the coming weeks.

During the webinar, the delegates will discuss the results of a series of reader polls on support for pre-registration students, the need for a cap on student numbers, and England chief pharmaceutical officer Keith Ridge’s prediction that some students may have to pay for a pre-registration placement in future.

C+D will be gathering readers’ views in advance; if you want to share your thoughts or have a question you would like us to put to the panel, please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Webinar’.

Do you think pharmacy is facing an education crisis?

We want to hear your views, but please express them in the spirit of a constructive, professional debate. For more information about what this means, please click here to see our community principles and information


Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

But this is not merely about student numbers but is all about the total lack of longer term planning in terms of the syllabus to deliver newer cohorts that are fit for modern practise. This abject failure of planning stems form the bad old RPSGB days and has continued with the GPhC. We need innovative ways of thinking and innovative approaches and the quality of what has been coming out of the GPhC saddens me as they seem to only want to do more of the same. The Bill Scott approach needs to be discussed, the need for all students to graduate with supplementary prescriber status, how the 5 year degree incorporating the pre reg will be structured to ensure equitable distribution between hospital, primary care and community placements (to take into account the current push for pharmacists in GP practises). These are big structural issues and I have seen nothing to date that says that the GPhC is upto the job of making these big changes to the syllabus. There are far too many backroom vested interests lobbying quietly into ears that will block change.

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

The cap on students entries should have come a long time ago. Increase volume lowers wages and diminishes worth. ( ur just a replaceable number ).

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