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GPhC pledges value for money in fees freeze

Professional Chief executive Duncan Rudkin says GPhC will challenge itself to "root out any unnecessary costs"

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has committed to freezing registrants' fees for the coming year and to continue ensuring value for money.

The regulator agreed on proposals to maintain fees at current levels at its council meeting on Thursday (February 6), despite an estimated £4 million increase in costs this year.

GPhC chief executive Duncan Rudkin told C+D he was "very glad" to be able to freeze fees for the second year running in an exclusive interview on Friday (February 7), although he stressed that the regulator had "a lot" of work to do.

GPhC chief executive Duncan Rudkin said he was "very glad" to be able to freeze fees for the second year running, but stressed that the regulator had "a lot" of work to do

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It was too early to say whether fees would remain the same for 2015-16, Mr Rudkin said, but the GPhC would work hard to ensure "value for money". "We will have a review to make sure we challenge ourselves to root out any unnecessary costs," he pledged.

The decision means costs of restoration to the register will remain at £240 for pharmacists, £108 for technicians and £221 for registered pharmacies.

Meanwhile, costs of regulation are estimated to rise by a fifth to exceed £24m. "We're at a time where we've got a lot to do," Mr Rudkin told C+D – naming revalidation, new premises inspections and investment in IT as extra costs. "All these things require us to invest and grow to a certain extent."

Do you think the GPhC offers value for money?

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John Randell, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

It was too early to say whether fees would remain the same for 2014-15, Mr Rudkin said, but the GPhC would work hard to ensure "value for money"



The sad fact is that the profession has no power to remove him or any one else in the GPhC.....

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

And typically if we could there would be infighting anyway as Boots, Lloyds etc.. try to install
a stooge to do their bidding then we really would be in trouble.


I'm afraid the majority of the problem is down to the passive Pharmacist/locum/manager who want the world but will not sacrifice short term loss for long term gain........

Boycott Fridays - If every Pharmacist did that there would be : disorder, disarray and pandemonium. It's that easy Plz plz plz stop passing the buck and putting the blame on the Multiples, GPhC and the cat next door, and let there be some self accountablity....

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

The only problem with that is they would quickly find another health professional to do the same job for even cheaper which would quickly destroy the profession. Bob Crow(like him or loathe him) would probably do a better job in leading our profession


Reality check....profession is already destroyed.....

ps: like I said......Pharmacists are unwilling to take short term loss for long term gains........

max falconer, Superintendent Pharmacist

Sorry Mesit I've been in pharmacy over 30 years. We have always taken short term loss and even managed to match that to long term losses. Is there no limit to our brilliance......??????


Max...why wud u stay in a profession when you have always taken short term loss and long term losses..

reminds me of a line in dad's army

who do u think you are kidding mr hitler...



I'm sorry but thats just not true....
Contractors were getting paid stupid money 5 years ago and something had to be done
I had a contrctor boast he was making £20,000 a month on omeprazole alone...

I have yet to meet a poor contractor - all have big houses and audis/bmw/4x4 parked out side the pharmacy.....

Calum Nelson, Locum pharmacist

It's Duncan Rudkin's big GPhC sale! Low, low prices for all of 2014!

12 months suspension for the price of 6!
All pharmacists must go!
Value so good you'll think we're incompetent!

Just check out what other customers have had to say:

"The GPhC paid my social media analysis company £5000 AND I also got to be their chairperson. Even the Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health wasn't this much value!" - N Clarke, London

"I thought that recommending homoeopathy for life-threatening illnesses would be a big no-no for a supposedly trained and trusted professional. Yet I can continue to do so as long as I like and all it costs me is £240 a year. Thanks!"
- J Morgan, Helios

(This is satire. So don't sue me or strike me off. But I'm sure the GPhC won't bother because they have a great sense of humour. They must have; they take the piss all the time. SATIRE!)

David Kent, Community pharmacist

This is a cynical announcement to distract attention away from the, inevitably, very expensive move they have announced. The costs of the move will be funded by decrease in the money, your money, they hold.

Ahmed :-), Community pharmacist

Does he think we're fools?!
Already been an increase in fees this year due to compulsory CRB checks!
Disgusted he is in his job at GPhC!
There is definitely going to be an increase in registration fees next year because I was told by someone close to old Rudkin! BEWARE!

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

and can we judge the value we get for our money?

Pill Counter, Pharmacy

Is that similar to the Lib Dem pledge about tuituion fees before they got into power?

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