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GPhC presses on with plans for revalidation

Practice The pharmacy regulator has confirmed it plans to develop a full model for fitness-to-practise checks by 2015, following the government's green light for revalidation of doctors to begin in December.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has confirmed it is pushing further ahead with revalidation, pledging to develop a full model by 2015, after the government gave the go-ahead for doctors to begin revalidation in December.

The GPhC told C+D it would announce the timescale and arrangements for introducing regular fitness-to-practise checks over the next three years, after the Department of Health announced yesterday that the majority of doctors are expected to be revalidated by April 2016.

The GPhC plans to announce the timescale for introducing regular fitness-to-practise checks over the next three years

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"We have included specific objectives about revalidation in our current corporate plan to agree and develop a model of revalidation to further enhance the assurance of continuing fitness to practise," the GPhC said.

"Implementation plans for this model will be finalised in 2015 and will include the timing and arrangements for the introduction of revalidation itself."

Yesterday health secretary Jeremy Hunt said revalidation checks every five years could help "save even more" lives. But the fresh vigour to implement checks on pharmacists received a cautious response from pharmacy.

"It has to be a workable system that does not add to the burden," tweeted Royal Pharmaceutical Society chief executive Helen Gordon.

But Joseph Bush, lecturer in pharmacy practice at Aston Pharmacy School, replied that the CPD system was "not fit-for-purpose".

The GPhC consulted on its revalidation plans in March and held a stakeholder event this summer to discuss the proposals. Delegates at the event called for an "open and transparent" revalidation system created in collaboration with the profession and urged the regulator to provide "effective services and support".

What would you like to see in a revalidation system for pharmacists?

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Freelance Pharmacist, Academic pharmacist

Seriously the GPhC validation process will be a complete waste of time. Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy and PCT land/commissioning Pharmacy are totally different worlds. How will they validate different types of Pharmacists and may I add this will add an extra cost that Pharmacists will have to pay for. Pharmacy is seriously going down hill, hard to find a job, so much stress, so little pay and now all of this crap! On one hand the GPhC want to give the public free access to medicines and on the other hand they want to regulate Pharmacists more, really doesn't make sense?

S S Locum, Locum pharmacist

revalidation is the only way forward.If you are competent then you have nothing to worry about.
My biggest concern is that Pharmacist are still hiding behind in the dispensary and not coming out to talk and advice unless asked for .On several visits to a Pharmacy( not independant ) to get a rx for my mother , i have never ever been talked to by a pharmacist. the rx items were wrapped in bag, address details checked and the bag thrust over to me!! Now thats what i would expect from a petrol st attendant.
So. my point is - Wake up - be there to give advice and you will automatically be respected !!! I bet i can still go to lots of pharmacies and get Cloramphenicol eye drops ,Imigran, voltarol tabletsetc etc with NO questions asked. who wants to challenge me ? !!

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Why would a Pharmacist come out and give advice unless specifically asked for or is flagged up during dispensing of the medicines? Do you encourage the over burdened Pharmacist to always stand in the front and chat with all the patients in the guise of providing advice? I'm sure there will be some questions asked at least by the counter staff if not by a Pharmacist before any sales of the items mentioned by you. If not then they are a few commercially oriented pharmacies, don't include all of us in their line.

Fozia Amin, Superintendent Pharmacist

On top of wage reductions, burden of new services, pressure and favouritism for number of murs, nms etc with view to profit growth rather than towards patient quality healthcare, cpd which proves what exactly? Or has achieved what??? Another year on the register? Many pharmacists feel there is less respect in the eyes of others at the status of a pharmacist. This career has lost all its quality aspects and when you are meant to have a pharmacy union that should support pharmacists where are they?? they don’t seem to be doing anything at all. Even doctors have a union that backs them and supports them but what exactly do pharmacists have??? All it takes is one tiny thing to go out of place even when it is not your fault and that is it you have a criminal record or you are taken off the register. Next it will be if you are not dressed in an Armani suit or Gucci you will not be able to practice. It seems as if people are losing their way along the way at the top where decisions are made and as a result of this others below are suffering but yet no one will stand up to it why???.. Every new move that is being introduced threatens to throw a pharmacist off the register. Is this how they are planning to solve the overload of pharmacists?? People need to rethink what we are actually doing, the amount of pressure put down on pharmacists is enough to cause problems in their daily work life and hence errors can arise. Why not consider the impact that all this can have on doing the very basics such as dispensing and making sure things are safe rather than how much profit can be made as well as the pressure and stress all this is causing. Going back many years when this chaos was not present things were still working and patients were getting help from genuine pharmacists who were focusing on their healthcare and not just profit making underdogs.

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

I can only assume all these "discontents" leaving the profession will create a shortage and thereby drive up wages?

Ketan Chandi, Superintendent Pharmacist

That's all we need , on top of all the new services and CPD, all the CPPE courses to comply with all the PCT SLA's, Fitness to Practice Checks, one might just might find some time to do some scripts.

On second thoughts at 50p a item, it would be easier to retrain as a plumber and earn a decent living.

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

I think Ketan has made an important point as salaries decrease for pharmacists then there is validity in looking for an alternative with the increased myriad of tasks just to stay on the register.

Anyway how is the construction industry these days anyone looking for hod carrier

Lance Roth, Manager

One of my Stop Smoking patients is a train driver, earning a cool £7k/y more than I do, and I do not think I earn that bad a salary! Would not want the unsociable hours he has to work though. But yes, I admit my salary does not allow me the luxury to buy Armani suits, so I prob will have to start looking for another job, if a certain C&D Senator has his way! lol

Times HaveChanged, Community pharmacist

Might be better to be a lawyer ar £200 per hour!

David Liston, Other pharmacist

Or a regulator. No reponsibility there. Dave

Ketan Chandi, Superintendent Pharmacist

No jobs. Trainee lawyers cant get preregistration jobs.

Tohidul Islam, Locum pharmacist

Plumbers and electricians earn more than pharmacists these days by 2015 when we're on £15/hr it definitely worth retraining as anything else!

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