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GPhC proposes increasing annual fees for pharmacists to £257

The GPhC proposes making premises renewal fees higher than fees for pharmacists for the first time
The GPhC proposes making premises renewal fees higher than fees for pharmacists for the first time

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is considering increasing renewal fees for pharmacists by £7 to £257, it has announced.

It also proposed increasing premises renewal fees by £21 to £262 and pharmacy technicians’ fees by £3 to £121 from July 2019, according to papers from a GPhC council meeting held yesterday (October 11).

The proposed increases follow three years of frozen renewal fees.

Under the proposals, the fee for registered pharmacies will be higher than the fee for pharmacists “for the first time”, the GPhC said.

The regulator will launch a 12-week consultation “in the coming month”, the results of which it will discuss in a meeting in March 2019, it said.

The fee increases will improve the regulator’s “efficiency and effectiveness”, as they are “integral to the management of the GPhC’s resources”, it explained.

The GPhC has an “ongoing desire to avoid significant fluctuations in fee levels in future years” for all registrants, it added.

The proposed increased fee for pharmacists will still be lower than the 2011 renewal fee of £267, it stressed.

What do you think about the proposals?

We’re all doomed, Locum pharmacist

And still thousands every year take up the chance to study for an MPharm and Pharmacy ‘shops’ sell for £1m plus. Funny old world. I reckon I’ve just paid my last £250 here were halcyon days once even working for the Blue lozenge. And thereafter I can only say I was once a pharmacist. The 


N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

They don't even pick up the phone when you call. I was on the line for almost 20 minutes (!!!!!) more than 3 times in one day, listening to a gentleman saying "all our advisers are currently busy at the moment please wait or visit our website. Why would I call you if I got the info I need on your website?? Rediculous.

P M, Community pharmacist

how many fees does pharmacy2u pay to stay on the register?

considering they dispense around 350,000 items per month maybe they should be picking a larger slice of the fees ... this could then offset the increase to the pharmacist.

Seal Patel, Community pharmacist

Ive been qualified for around 6 years and I do not have one positive thing to say about the joke that is the gphc. The people running pharmacy have no concern about the working pharmacists, I see other medical organisations helping their profession but I have yet to see it once from the gphc. 

I feel until we stop having spineless and gutless leaders the better of we are. Until we have a uprising movement we will have these pathetic so called leaders in charge and our voices will be muted out!!! 

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

They exist to protect the public. Look it up.

R A, Community pharmacist

The role of the GPhC is ultimately not to help pharmacists or provide leadership but safeguard patients and keep their faith in this profession. In this role, it's failing miserably.

Look at all those fitness to practice cases for pharmacists working for multiples. Most have cited work pressure for committing acts that bring the profession into disrepute.  Have they looked into this actively? Lobbied the government to increase their powers to tackle non-pharmacist owners if currently, this is out of their remit? Surely if their role is to safeguard the public then that's what they should have done!

Honestly, the GPhC is BRINGING the profession into disrepute by not tackling these problems. Ignoring them won't make them go away. It's only making things worse. Individual pharmacists are powerless to do anything those who can avoid taking work from such settings but this causes significant financial hardship. Whilst those who do work suffer significant anxiety problems. 

Pill Popper ESQ, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

I have not long retired from my role after being diagnosed with MS 15 years ago. I have been well up until a year ago when the disease progression meant having to leave what I loved.

I was recently admitted to hospital after a fall down the stairs as a result of sepsis. The reason for my saying this is that the hospital was fantastic but there were so many faults with pharmacy.

After realising the pharmacy had failed to write down the complete list of drugs I take on the drugs chart, I was left without drugs like venlafaxine 225, propranolol and more. I had no idea because my body was a bit bothered by the sepsis and the effects of my body temp hitting 40.3 were more of a concern for the nurses.

When the error was found, the nurses and I asked to speak to a pharmacist. Answer: manager won't allow. More calls were made and a technician arrived in tears. Perhaps she shouldn't have, but she told me how much of a blood bath it was done there. Apparently three technicians had quit that week and all because of the new manager laying down the law.

Pharmacists, I SALUTE YOU!!!! To be at risk of nearly being killed because of a HOSPITAL pharmacy slip up is scary and all because 'management' stroll in and - without having a clue - try to fix something that they have no right, experience or appropriate qualification to fix! Just a pen pusher!!!

I would love to urge you guys to consider strike action but I know you can't and so do they! They are making a mockery of the profession and I shudder to think of what it will take for them to do right by you all. Even if the result is deaths on a mass level, they will just pass the buck from what I'm seeing.

Such a shame. Such a dishonest organisation.

Greg Lawton, Community pharmacist

Financial implications

"The consultation proposes that the GPhC will be responsible for the development of three new sets of standards, and alongside these the development of responsible pharmacist Rules. As the DHSC will be aware, we review our income and expenditure regularly and subject to the outcomes of the consultation, we will factor this new work in to our financial planning. As a responsible regulator, we will ensure that wherever possible we align work so that we work efficiently and effectively and make the best use of our resources. In so far as the proposals transfer responsibility for certain matters from Ministers to the regulatory bodies, they also transfer the costs of that work from the public purse to those who pay regulatory fees. It is important that stakeholders are aware of this point."

Working at the GPhC:


"Easy life, not much work, Morden office, free coffee"


"If you want an easy life - this is the place to be"


"Brilliant home work balance (35 hrs a week and no long hours culture). Gym, private medical insurance, good holiday provision + other benefits. Good pay progression possible."

As a side note, interesting that a healthcare regulator doesn't feel its staff can rely on NHS care

Another Pharmacist, Hospital pharmacist

Fantastically well said!!!!

R A, Community pharmacist

Now while most of us are struggling to make ends meet and the hourly rate is being slashed the good old GPhC is pumping up its fees again. How is this just?

Jenny Etches, Community pharmacist

I believe the role of the GPhC seems to be entirely punitive and provides me, as a front line community pharmacist, with no support that I’m aware off. I work part time but pay the same fee as a full timer. I used to pay a part-time fee because I got paid less ... now I just get paid less overall. 

So I can get to pay more next year for what? Nothing. The profession has rolled over and been beaten into submission and the GPhC do nothing but stand by and let the government cut our budgets and let multiples exploit us and our willingness to do the best for our patients. 

I passed my 40 years qualified this summer and I whilst a lot has changed for the good there’s a lot that hasn’t. 

fatnose pansies, Sales

gphc hasnt said why its raising fees ready for march 2019? remote supervision maybe? more complaints about whats happening when the pharmacist isnt there and more patients getting killed = more pharmacists getting struck off = more work for the gphc

doesnt being more efficient and effective mean you do the same for less money, or more for the same money? thats what the multiples keep telling us

N B, Community pharmacist

@gphc don't ever forget what happened to the RPSGB. You are lackies of the big multiples and produce regulation to suit their needs. Salaries have dropped, standards are falling, staff are leaving and the workload and expectations are increasing. You do not listen to or understand your members concerns. Why and what for do we pay you?? To bow down to a moment of pressure after being overworked, pushed for targets, poor renumeration and expectations of deliver more for free.!! What is wrong with you GPHC? We are without choice, your members.

On the other hand. What is wrong with us Pharmacists. Too much undercutting, totally disjointed and in requirement of a clear voice and vision. We let ourselves get pushed and bullied into extra work for no pay. Stand together, stand strong and we can bring back the respect to our profession. We all have our part to play and now is the time. Multiples are struggling to make profit, heads are being rolled, non Pharmacist management are being relieved as it makes no sense to have two leaders where the Pharmacist takes the blame.

Hold your head up high. You are a professional and may belong to almost the oldest profession in the world. From witchdoctors to voodoo practices, to herbalists, to chemists to diagnostics to advice to social care, to safeguarding to care, to empathy to public health.... We do it all. Why can we not get the recognition and renumeration for what we do.....

Tom Kennedy, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

Why's everyone so angry with the GPhC???  They have a little more work to do so they're employing more staff to do it, isn't that what every other good business does....  

....pharmacists can't just keep taking on more and more work and stress for lower pay and expect everyone else to be as stupid.


Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Frankly, what a jerk. I am so glad that I've escaped the world of idiotic area managers who know NOTHING trying to tell me what to do. 

Angry Pharmacist, Locum pharmacist

Oh look an area manager no less, with his inflated salary whilst he drives around in his company car telling his pharmacy managers to do more MURs, NMSs, EPS sign ups blah blah...and for what? So he can satisfy his corporate bosses. 


Oh wait this area manager has something else to add...’pharmacists can’t just keep on taking more and more work and stress for lower pay and expect everyone else to be as stupid’.....err excuse me but most other governing bodies set the rates of pay for their members, what the heck does the GPhC do for us except take our money and point their finger of blame at us when something goes wrong? What are they doing about our poor working conditions? Our governing body is absolutely useless and good for nothing! Time for an overhaul!

Seriously....this has to be a joke!?!?  You lot take too much money as it is never mind raising the fees. I needed help and advice from this bunch last year. I had genuine concerns about the poor working standards at our hospital. And all i got was a load of rubbish in an email. Absolutely waste of time. So what good is the GPhC?

Well, if you pay your blood money to them two months in advance then you get to be able to go to work.

They’ve now faffed about with the CPD thing which makes no sense

No one likes what has happened with the GPhC especially now they want yet more money for nothing. 

Das Bhambra, Community pharmacist

How can the GPhC be overthrown? Seriously. Other professionals have had guidance on their working conditions and pay set by their regulator, by setting minimum working conditions it allows all members to stick to it. So if they were to say £35 per hour minimum. This would be better to ensure longevity. 

Paul Gadsden, Locum pharmacist

We pay a fortune and they can’t be bothered to give EVERYONE feedback on their cpd so people will slip through the net not being reviewed. All this money is spent changing things under the guise of validation. There are rogue pharmacists who have done no cpd for years and some will still get away with it. Our subscriptions should be spent on compelling all pharmacies to maintain not just adequate but decent staffing levels even if people are off sick or on holiday using agency staff and they should get the government to pay for this The PSNC should be duly castigated for selling the whole profession down the river instead of letting us be paid less than plumbers - 5 years at Uni for what???

Angry Pharmacist, Locum pharmacist

I actually had to lol when I read this? Are you for REAL GPhC??? If anyone has been following my comments recently you’ll know where I stand with regards to this pathetic organisation. (Read the articles on Boots technicians and DoH plans to copy ‘French Model’. Not only do the government and this joke of an organisation have a rope around our necks, now they are starting to tighten it. As I’ve said before...nothing better to do than sit in their little offices in Canary Wharf scheming on how to rob us even more. 

We’re getting paid LESS, having to do MORE on top of that we have to battle CUTS!!! Now they want to squeeze us for every last drop of blood?? NO GPhC...get yourselves in order or you will start a movement against you very very soon!!

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

I wonder if the GPhC realise how much they are hated by their members?

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

I think the trouble is that they know and just don't give a toss.

Meera Sharma, Primary care pharmacist

"The fee increases will improve the regulator’s “efficiency and effectiveness”, as they are “integral to the management of the GPhC’s resources”, it explained." - Yep, that explains a lot! More FTP cases dealt with more quickly and finding more - glad that mystery is solved. What a joke - how about you use this money and do what you're supposed to do - tackle pharmacy work pressures & bullying, instead of producing a lot of guidance which is pointless under the above circumsatnces?? 

Beta Blocker, Primary care pharmacist

What an absolute joke of an organisation...

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