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GPhC reveals improved September pass rate

This September's pass rate is an improvement on last year's 61%

The regulator says that 626 out of 976 candidates (64%) passed last month's registration exam

The pass rate for September's registration exam rose three percentage points to 64% this year, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has announced.

Of the 976 candidates who sat the assessment, 626 achieved a pass mark, the GPhC revealed last Friday (October 23).

The results are an improvement on last year’s September pass rate of 61%, but remain below 2013’s level of 69%, the regulator said.

This September, 69% of the 622 candidates sittting the exam for the second time passed, the regulator said. This compared to 294 students who sat the exam for the first time and 60 for the third, achieving pass rates of 56% and 52% respectively, it added.

The improved September pass rate follows the GPhC’s announcement of the lowest June pass rate for six years  74%  this July. The results prompted a backlash from pharmacy students and pre-registration tutors, who claimed that candidates had not been given enough time to "read, digest and answer" the questions.

What could the GPhC do to improve the pass rate?

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Altaf Vaiya,

It is good to see that their has been improvements to the September exam pass mark compared to 2014, however we have to take into account that with the high number of students failing the June exam retook the exam in September therefore we would expect a higher amount of students passing the September exam. The pass rate for students sitting the exam for the first time was 56% which is still very low. This low pass rate has to be questioned. As a tutor with a key interest in pre-registration exam support, helping almost 250 students sitting the September exam, it can be noted that many students have failed the September exam due to failing the calculation component of the exam. Students have stated that the September exams was more fairer in the open and closed book components but the calculations component was very tough and the calculation questions needed a lot of time to solve compared to the June exam. It will be nice to see what the results break down shows when the GPhC release this information, it will also be useful to see what advise the GPhC give to students who are not achieving a pass rate in the exam and to see what recommendations they can make to help improve the pass rate. Many students who have recently started the their pre-reg year are already panicking about the 2016 assessment and the changes the GPhC are making to the assessment. I hope the GPhC can look at ways they can help support students and tutors to bring improved assessment pass rates and help bring greater belief in the GPhC assessment system.

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