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GPhC seeks pharmacists to share views on inspections

The GPhC says the survey will gauge views on its plans to publish inspection reports

The regulator has contacted all registrants to see if they are willing to be independently surveyed about its inspection model

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is looking for pharmacists willing to be surveyed about their views on premises inspections.

The regulator contacted all pharmacists and technicians earlier this week to see if they would be willing to feed back their experiences of inspections to evaluation firm ICF International. Willing participants would be emailed by ICF in the next few weeks, although pharmacists could express their interest in a phone interview, the GPhC said on Wednesday (April 22).

The survey would also gather information on registrants’ understanding of the GPhC’s pharmacy standards, it said. Other questions would gauge views on the GPhC's use of action plans for pharmacies who had been inspected, and its intention to publish inspection reports once this was legally possible.

The survey’s results would be published later this year and would form “one element” of the GPhC’s “commitment to test whether we are meeting our objective of encouraging improvements in pharmacy”, it said. The survey would be separate to its specific review of its premises ratings system, planned for next year, the regulator said.

“The survey will be relevant to anyone working in - or responsible for - a registered pharmacy. We are particularly keen to hear from owners, superintendents, responsible pharmacist and managers, including those who have not yet been inspected under our new approach,” it added.

The GPhC said in February that this independent research would inform its consultation on regulating pharmacies that the GPhC planned to launch once the government had completed its own consultation on regulating the sector.

Pharmacists can opt out of the survey here.


What has been your experience of premises inspections?

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Leon The Apothecary, Student

I've never been sold on the rating idea. Pharmacies do not need "stars on the door" but rather failings highlighted and suggestions on how they can be improvement. To me, it's a simple issue made overwhelmingly complicated.

M Yang, Community pharmacist

Mr Rudkin, as head of our regulatory body I suspect you do keep abreast by reading the C & D (as well as other forums) and will take a look at pharmacist comments on this site. You will therefore likely be aware that an overwhelming majority of pharmacists are still wondering why the GPhC have yet to consult the profession on contentious issues such as remote supervision and P med self selection. The regulatory bodies of other h/c professions are much more open to hearing the valuable input of their members, yet we frequently find ourselves relying on the PDA to make our voice heard in government etc.

Tariq Iqbal, Accuracy checking technician

Still waiting for this letter

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