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GPhC: September 2018 pre-reg exam pass rate rises to 65%

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GPhC: 544 of 834 candidates passed last month's registration exam

The pass rate for September’s registration exam rose by seven percentage points this year, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has revealed.

The results show that 65% of students who sat the exam passed, compared with 58% who passed the September 2017 exam.

A total of 834 candidates sat the exam on September 27, 2018, of which 544 passed, the pharmacy regulator said.

GPhC chief executive Duncan Rudkin wished those who passed well, and commended those who had helped train them.

After this year's June exam, candidates complained that one paper did not accurately reflect daily pharmacist practice, which the GPhC board of assessors responded to in September.

Click here to view the pass list for the September 2018 exam.

September exam pass rates since 2011
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How did you find your registration exam?

geoffrey gardener, Community pharmacist

Pretty obvious from the pass rate range (41-88%) over a relatively short period of time that there is something seriously wrong with the system. The results of this examination has a serious impact on the students who sit it, and who have had to fork out 10s of thousands of pounds in tuition fees. Students who are not competent should be weeded out early on in the degree course                                





David Moore, Locum pharmacist

Absolutely, Geoffrey. There was no need for an exam when I qualified in 1972. Unsuitable students rarely made it past three months of the post graduate year.

Well done to all that passed. So 2,318 went onto the register in June and another 544 September. No shortage of newly qualified pharmacists that's for sure. 

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

It does raise some questions. Was it a similar type of exam to the one which drew lots of complaints earlier in the year? Have there been any complaints about the September exam? Was the improved pass-rate simply because students were better prepared?

New Pharmacist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

Silly really, set the pass mark at 70 and dont deviate from it. Ever. Fail the candidates who dont meet it. I passed junes exam and it wasnt that bad. I dont like the idea of loweing pass marks just so we can get more pharmacists on the register.


The exams are too easy as it is tbh

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Refreshing honesty. Of course the exams are easier. The higher ups want/need lots of new pharmacists and maintain the plummeting wages.

David Moore, Locum pharmacist

How cynical! The powers that be have our best interests at heart.

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