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GPs: Practice pharmacists will improve patient care

Some GPs voiced concerns over the cost of the scheme for practices

GPs who took part in a C+D Twitter debate say they would consider applying for an NHS England pilot to place 250 pharmacists in GP surgeries


GPs have said an initiative to employ clinical pharmacists in surgeries would free up their time and provide a “better service to patients”.

During C+D's Twitter chat on NHS England’s £15 million commitment to put 250 pharmacists into general practices, contributing GPs said they would be applying to take part in the scheme. The pilot will involve one senior pharmacist and five clinical pharmacists placed in pilot sites across England for three years.

The doctors – including James Cope of Ivybridge Medical Practice in Devon, and Michael Holmes of Haxby Medical Group in Yorkshire – said working with local pharmacists had convinced them of the benefits of collaborative working.

"A matron would be more useful"

But some GPs were less positive about the plans. East London GP Jonathon Thomlinson said his practice would employ a “matron” over a pharmacist.


Yorkshire GP Dr Dominic Patterson said employing a clinical pharmacist would be "costly" for practices who did not need them.

But the “great” project could work for other practices, especially those who were struggling to recruit GPs, he added.


The Royal College of General Practitioners – which first called for more practice pharmacists in March alongside the RPS – said the scheme had received a warm response from members.


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London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Yes, but wait till they realise the Pharmacists want paying then they'll say the exact opposite.

Antonio Lex, Primary care pharmacist

lol do you ever have anything positive to say?

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

I use to when When positive things were actually happening as opposed to just being tallked about then quietly shelved. It's sad but we are living in times when adult professionals look students in the eye and tell them bold faced lies about the the future of the of Pharmacy. Sad sad sad.

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