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GSK adds 'extra fresh' toothpaste to Sensodyne range

Sensodyne toothpaste

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has added Extra Fresh toothpaste to its Sensodyne Rapid Relief range.

Sensodyne Extra Fresh Rapid Relief – which launched at the “end of February” – will leave patients’ mouths “feeling clean and fresh” with its “improved taste profile”, GSK claimed.

“The product combines stannous fluoride with bio-adhesive polymer, for fast relief and long-lasting protection from tooth sensitivity,” the manufacturer added.

Sensodyne brand manager Olivia Babbington said: “Sensodyne recently became a £100 million brand in the UK. Rapid Relief is our fastest acting sensitivity toothpaste yet.”

The launch will be supported by an £8m advertising campaign over TV and online, GSK said.

One 75ml tube of Sensodyne Extra Fresh Rapid Relief retails at £5.00.

To order, contact 0800 783 8881

Do your patients often complain of teeth sensitivity?
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