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Hancock: Pharmacists must support May’s Brexit deal to ensure supply

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock said pharmacies' support will make sure a no-deal Brexit does not occur

Pharmacists must support the Prime Minister’s deal to leave the EU if they want to ensure medicine supplies continue to reach the UK, health secretary Matt Hancock has said.

Mr Hancock was responding yesterday (November 27) to a question from Labour MP for Burnley Julie Cooper, who pointed to NHS Confederation warnings last month that some medicines may be delayed in reaching patients or may even become unavailable in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Ms Cooper also claimed that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is “worried that diabetics will not be able to access insulin” should a no-deal Brexit occur.

“What steps is the minister taking to ensure that community pharmacies are able to supply vital medical supplies post-Brexit, particularly in the event of no deal?” Ms Cooper asked in a parliamentary debate.

Mr Hancock responded: “Community pharmacies, like everybody else, should support the Prime Minister’s deal, which will make sure that eventuality does not occur.”

Theresa May is currently touring the UK trying to sell her Brexit deal, which the Prime Minister claimed will ensure a “free trade area that will allow goods to flow easily across our borders”.

RPS vague on second referendum stance

The Royal College of General Practitioners will back a second Brexit referendum – this time on the terms of Ms May’s deal – following a vote by GPs, trade publication Pulse said on Monday (November 26).

When asked by C+D whether the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) would back a similar motion, the society declined to answer directly, instead saying: “We have regular meetings with government about Brexit, advising on how to support medicines supply, pharmacists and their patients.”

Read how the Brexit vote has changed the lives of European pharmacists in the UK here.

What do you make of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal?

Shahan Mir, Community pharmacist

The withdrawal agreement does not appeal to any majority in the House of Commons. Many cabinet ministers will side with the PM as they are thinking about their future in government.

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

I have a mistrust of most politicians and there is one MP today who employed her son as a communications officer in her entourage , the son at 29 years old has just been prosecuted for dealing ecstacy, cannabis and cocaine and on parliamentary pay roll. Can you imagine the same thinh happening in someones pharmacy business , as we would be swinging from the arm yard. I do not think MPs should employ family members, it's not a private business and the conflict of interestis just nothing short of incidious

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

brexit is beyond my comprehension as did not knowwhat we were voting for, just thought we would all be worse off out than in before and will no winners :-)

Chris Locum, Locum pharmacist

The NHS is being cannibalised slowly from within, and every functional institution is being degraded deliberately. Various stink tanks and fifth-column groups posing as 'charities' giving the policy our MPs should be coming up with.

Get lost.

SIMON MEDLEY, Community pharmacist

There’s another option to this mess - about time the govt free done gonads and kicked this brexit fiasco into touch -  that’s the onky way this government will get my support 

Mustafa Bhaiji, Superintendent Pharmacist

Fully agree with all the sentiment above. Where are our so called pharmacy leaders? Hasn't the PSNC chief got anything to say? Perhaps too scared to upset the health Secrectary to speak out for their own profession? Or perhaps more concerned about protecting his own skin... 

V K P, Community pharmacist

let the NHS come to a grinding halt for the powers be to realise and repsect the work that the pharmacy sector does in procuring and driving the prices down for the meds.i would be delighted for them to source the medication at the prices they have been re-imbursing for. Lets c them handle the ordering along with their other duties and we can stand back and watch the safety element of the NHS leave with brexit as well. 


Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

I've no problem with brexit but if this lot negotiated with the EU like they do with the PSNC we would have no worries... or maybe the PSNC are just useless... no, cant be...we would have spotted it before now..

No one in DOH will admit that medicine shortages cause patient harm so what is the problem?  quota'd insulin - no problem, restricted contraceptives, who cares, bp meds unavailable? no harm obviously... 

Its laughable that they want Pharmacy to  spend more of the reduced income we now generate to pull theirs and the manufacturer's bits out of the fire

Allan Wilson, Community pharmacist

This is madness-why is this Government pushing for a deal that is going to make everyone worse off? The people of Scotland voted by 62% to Remain as part of the EU and are being dragged off this Brexit cliff edge

Paul Dishman, Pharmaceutical Adviser

So the government who cut pharmacy remuneration wants pharmacists to support them? Hahahahahahahaha

Marc Borson, Community pharmacist

Explain to me why you think we would want to help this current gov out. Why?

Community Pharmacist, Locum pharmacist

Project FEAR no. 2 

Community Pharmacist, Locum pharmacist

Well Mr Hancock, soon the gravy train will stop for all this So called Euro drug companies if it’s a no deal. Who will buy their inflated priced drug other than our poor NHS!!! Anyways most patients have already stockpiles of their meds at home. 

C A, Community pharmacist


Hancock: No

RPS - come on - get a stance on a second referendum - you should be for it!

Michael Lord, Community pharmacist

What next... quality payments for voting for the Government? Bloody cheek!!

H W, Community pharmacist

I will not be professionally blackmailed into supporting something I have campaigned tirelessly against

Dave Downham, Manager

Tell you what, Matty, we'll support the Prime Minister's deal once all the MPs do. Deal?

N patel , Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

If we can't get meds refer them back to the presciber...we wont get paid for going out of our way to keep the supply chain going. Probably at our expense

N patel , Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Two fingers to this prat
this was not a problem of our making. It was rhe selfish con..servative party doing it for its own survival in order to stop ukips
why should i support them to sort out problems they caused

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