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Intrapharm launches deep vein thrombosis treatment Inhixa


Intrapharm Laboratories has launched Inhixa (enoxaparin sodium) for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis.

Inhixa has “clinically proven efficacy”, the manufacturer claimed, and can also be used for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis and the treatment of unstable angina, among other conditions.

It comes in pre-filled syringes, with five strengths ranging from 2,000 IU (20mg) in 0.2ml solution, to 10,000 IU (100mg) in 1.0ml solution.

Each strength comes in a different colour and includes a needle guard.

Intrapharm’s chairman and CEO Kevin James said the company is “committed to providing a continuity of supply in [a] marketplace that has seen recent volatility and product shortages”.

The NHS price for a 10-syringe pack of Inhixa is: £16.69 for 20mg/0.2ml; £24.22 for 40mg/0.4ml; £31.41 for 60mg/0.6ml; £44.10 for 80mg/0.8ml; and £57.84 for 100mg/1ml.

To order, contact or 01234 248632

Do you often help patients suffering from venous thromboembolism?
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