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Julie Cooper MP: Minister thought pharmacy was an easy hit

Ms Cooper was a pharmacy owner before she became an MP
Ms Cooper was a pharmacy owner before she became an MP

C+D’s deputy news editor Annabelle Collins met with Labour MP for Burnley Julie Cooper last month (February 23) in Portcullis House, London.

Ms Cooper, who used to own and run a community pharmacy with her pharmacist husband, told C+D she thinks the funding cuts are “short-sighted in the extreme”.

Instead, she argues that the government should be sitting down with pharmacy representatives and taking up the sector’s offer to expand its role.

Listen to the podcast below to hear Ms Cooper discuss the "massive response" from MPs to news of the cuts, why she is "absolutely sure" the funding drop will not cause Boots or Lloydspharmacy branches to close, and why no pharmacies in her constituency are eligible for the Pharmacy Access Scheme.

Have you met with your local MP to discuss the cuts?

Leon The Apothecary, Student

My MP is very much for the pharmacy cuts. I don't think talking to him at this stage is going to be very productive.

Brian Austen, Senior Management

They have been an easy target for the last decade, no matter what political party the Pharmacy Minister comes from!

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

It is an easy hit. Pharmacists make great punch bags - they don't fight back.

InSpectre Inspector, Senior Management

Sad, but true Valentine. 

L H, Community pharmacist

We're not allowed to fight anymore.  Now against GPhC guidelines apparently.  Only permitted to whimper, "Please Sir, don't stick the boot in too hard this year as you know you'll be doing it again next year.".

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