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'Jumping through hoops' to get medicines

Sort out stocksThe number of cases of supply problems and incidents of patient distress reported via C+D’s interactive tool has this week exceeded 160

A pharmacy is phoning a manufacturer every day and havimg to  "jump through hoops" to get hold of medicines, according to reports on C+D's interactive tool this week.

Pharmacies across the UK have told us about more than 160 cases of supply problems and incidents of patient distress since C+D's reporting tool was launched in August.

And pharmacists only have another three days to report their evidence before C+D begins to compile a dossier to present to pharmacy minister Earl Howe, in response to his calls in August for pharmacists to prove that stock shortages are harming patients.

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Kamsons Pharmacy, Eastbourne reported that a patient suffered moderate harm when they had to go without an inhaler for a weekend because a quota meant a Pulmicort Turbohaler 200mcg was not delivered. Despite being promised the shortage would be dealt with within 24 hours, the pharmacy had to obtain stock from another pharmacy in another town at its own expense, it said.

New Inn Pharmacy, London said its pharmacist's time was taken away from other patients as staff tried to source Cymbalta 60mg, used for depression. The pharmacy had to assure suppliers it did not wholesale, it said.

MS Dispensing Chemist, Leyton, London said it was facing a monthly struggle to get hold of Eucreas for patients with diabetes because the manufacturer cannot supply it.

Manor Pharmacy, Alfreton, Derbyshire reported that a patient suffered low harm because of delays in obtaining Micardis for lowering blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.

Medicines that pharmacies have reported are out of stock:

Abilify, Asacol foam enema, azathiorprine, Azilect, Azopt eye drops, Bricanyl, Budenofalk, carvedilol, Caverject, Cialis, Cipralex, co-triamterzide, Cymbalta, Eucreas, Fosrenol, gabapentin, Genotropin GoQuick, Gentisone HC ear drops, Lantus Solostar insulin pens, Lomotil, loperamide, Maxalt Melt, Maxitrol eye drops, Micardis, Noxafil, Pancrease HL, Pramipexole, Prograf, Pulmicort Turbohaler, Questran, Savlon spray, Scopoderm patches, Skinoren cream, sodium cromoglicate eye drops, Spiriva refill stock, Stamaril, sulfinpyrazone, Tildiem LA, Trimovate, Utovlan, Vesicare.

Do you have evidence of stock shortages causing patient harm that we can show Earl Howe?

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Leon The Apothecary, Student

I seriously haven't seen Trimovate or Magnesium Sulphate Paste for months now. Loperamide caps being another one we've been having fun trying to source/explain.

John Randell, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

ive got some magnisium sulphate paste at my store....WAIT im charging £100 a pot...thats right supply and demand.......this is the future of sotck the end the public suffers

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