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Keith Ridge: Everyone waiting to see if MURs become clinical

Keith Ridge medicines use reviews MURs
Keith Ridge: We need to think about how we are pursuing MUR recommendations

“Everyone is waiting to see” whether medicines use reviews (MURs) will be “transformed”, England’s chief pharmaceutical officer has told C+D.

The ‘Murray review’ into clinical pharmacy services recommended in December 2016 that "MURs should evolve into full clinical medication reviews, utilising independent prescribing as part of the care pathway".

C+D asked Keith Ridge – who commissioned the review – yesterday (June 28) when NHS England will finally respond to the document’s proposals.

Mr Ridge replied that the recommendation that “everyone is waiting to see what [will] happen… is transforming MURs [in]to clinical medication reviews”.

“We need to think about how we are pursuing that recommendation, and how we will go about discussing it within NHS England,” he told C+D at the Health+Care 2017 conference in London.

NHS England will respond "at some point"

The commissioner will formally respond to the review “at some point, hopefully in the not-too-distant future”, said Mr Ridge, who stressed that the “sort-of change of government with the election has brought a lot of pressure on the system in terms of priorities”.

“When we look at the Murray review and the recommendations, we can see that there are already things underway,” he added.

In the review, King’s Fund director of policy Richard Murray recommended MURs be "redesigned" to include "on-going monitoring and regular follow-up with patients". For MURs to be "safe and effective", Mr Murray suggested pharmacists be given access to a patient’s full medical record.

The reaction on Twitter

Read C+D’s full coverage of the 'Murray' report here.

Do you think MURs need to be transformed?

Meera Sharma, Community pharmacist

One has to chuckle - "not too distant future", the story of MURs really! Let's see, launched in 2005, rife with claims of pharmacists pressurised to perform them...Roll on 2017 - oh wow, another report that says MURs should be reviewed! So, not too distant future probably translates to mean sometime in this century (with some luck!). One really needs patience reading these articles!

Best Farma, Ecommerce

If you want a chuckle go to Pharmadata and checkout Blackbird Pharmacy of Leicester. They managed to do 360 MURs in one month. Who says community pharmacy is a joke??

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Some furious box ticking going on there then!

Best Farma, Ecommerce

If it became clinical it would also become redundant as no one would be able to conduct them. Certainly not community pharmacists. The quality of some the recently qualified i've met I would say spelling clinical is too difficult.

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

"Everyone waiting to see if MURs become clinical..."

Who is 'everyone'? There are four main parties involved here. The working pharmacist/locum - the vast majority (as shown by surveys on this site - believe MURs are a load of rubbish and should be scrapped. Contractors - seem to be quite happy with the status quo of £28 x 400. Patients - according to the Murray report, receive no benefit from the service. The NHS - will respond "at some point" i.e. couldn't give a monkeys.

So, who is 'everyone'?

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Oh I forgot about the "Regulator"... they don't really want to cause any trouble - rather not get involved...

Best Farma, Ecommerce

Some say there is a lot of corruption at the top.

Farm Assistant, Community pharmacist

I'm not.

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

He wants pharmacies to close down.  Who exactly will perform these MURs?  When will Dr Ridge act in the best interests of his own profession?

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

When it pays better than destroying it as he is currently doing.

Best Farma, Ecommerce

A joke!

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