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Keith Ridge: Hub-and-spoke has 'extraordinary capability'

Mr Ridge: Convinced of model’s viability after seeing examples in north west England

England’s chief pharmaceutical officer says he understands why pharmacists are “questioning the evidence base” for the dispensing model

England’s chief pharmaceutical officer has defended the “extraordinary capability” of the hub-and-spoke model to dispense the country’s prescriptions.

Keith Ridge predicted last September that centralised hubs could dispense two-thirds of England’s prescriptions, and he told C+D yesterday (February 1) that he “understood” why pharmacists are questioning the evidence base behind this.

Mr Ridge said his visits to two dispensing hubs in north west England had made him “realise the capability that is there”.

“You can see how this will impact on stock holding [and] free up people to do other things. That to me is entirely what it’s about from a clinical point-of-view,” he said.

The sector also needs to look at making hub facilities "work as efficiently as possible", Mr Ridge added. 

The Department of Health (DH) said last month that it believes encouraging the use of this model is one way to make the sector more "efficient and innovative", in a briefing document explaining the planned 6% cut to pharmacy funding.

Last month, Boots told C+D that it is “too early” for the government to base its pharmacy funding decisions on hub-and-spoke technology.

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Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

Keith is in a time warp. Time has moved on and the REAL value of community pharmacy is the accessibility and the local interaction with the patient. He has ZERO personal experience of this and thus will NEVER be in a situation where he could EVER appreciate this.

Time to consign Keith and his luddite team into NHS special measures.

Sami Khaderia, Non healthcare professional

You can downclick my comment till the cows come home..majority of rxs are repeats which can be handled by ACTs.....

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

I am not going to give you thumbs down. but I will give a thumbs up for all these who hire you to troll and keep changing names, elephant ??? Anyone who knows how Locumvoice was shut down ?? Whatever you are you are we know you. It's our time my friend, tell your bosses WE ARE COMING !!! not to do what you people are doing but, we are coming.

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

That was for Sami or whoever he/she is ""

Crazy Chemist, Community pharmacist

So the majority are repeats which are fine, what about ALL the others? What about new meds? What about acute rxs like antibiotics? You going to wait 2-3 days before they are delivered to you? Do surgeries always give the correct meds when you order it? Going to have to wait another 2-3 days before the correct ones appear. I appreciate that the bulk could be dispensed from a central hub that are non-urgent, but no pharmacy is going to be able to stay open just to dispense the acute meds. As someone pointed out earlier, if EPS crashes... bye bye system. 

John Alan James Robinson, Superintendent Pharmacist

Yep , I agree. BT network and broadband  just been down for 45 minutes over most of the country. 


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