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Day three of the High Court funding cuts battle

Justice Collins expects the hearings to conclude today
Justice Collins expects the hearings to conclude today

Get the latest from the third day of PSNC and the NPA's legal challenge to the funding cuts in England, live from the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Welcome to C+D's rolling live coverage of the third day of the pharmacy funding cuts case in the High Court in London. For information on all the key players, as well as how the sector got to this point, read our in-depth summary here.

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For reference, 'AF' is PSNC's lawyer Alison Foster QC, 'JC' refers to judge Justice Collins, and DL refers to the NPA's lawyer David Lock QC. 'JE' is the Department of Health's QC, James Eadie.


Do you think the funding cuts will be reversed as a result of the NPA and PSNC's High Court challenge?
Not fully, but we might secure some concessions
Total votes: 228

After three days of evidence, revelations, and some "spiky" exchanges, C+D's deputy news editor Annabelle Collins wraps up #CutsInCourt

"This case was not just about reversing the funding cuts, but establishing the truth." Stephen Fishwick gives the NPA's summary of the High Court hearing

4.25pm: "We couldn't have done any more." NPA chairman Ian Strachan praises the "fair hearing" over the last three days



4.20pm: Oliver Wright, senior associate Knights Professional Services Limited, provides legal commentary after day three of #CutsInCourt


1.30pm: The comment that attracted the greatest reaction on Twitter this morning...

1pm: While #CutsInCourt adjourns for lunch, @CandDThomas is across London, witnessing a mock version...


NPA chairman Ian Strachan was "delighted" with how yesterday's High Court hearing went – but are you hopeful the funding cuts will be quashed? Vote in C+D's poll

Are you hopeful the funding cuts will be quashed?

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

""The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) is taking the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) """


ajaz akhtar, Student


Chris and all you contractors out there:

If the cuts are reversed will you increase Locum rates or stick to the status quo : ie demand supply rule £15 hr ? 


Tom Kennedy, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

Got my eye on a shiny new Jag, I'll take a look at locum rates if there's anything left. 

Andy Burrells, Community pharmacist

Some of the arguments made today by Mr Eadie were quite frankly embarrassing. I mean, sure, he'll still get his £100,000 through gritted teeth but surely a silk of his ability should have seen arguments like the sandwich one was going nowhere fast. The logical extension, for example is that supermarket pharmacies don't need funding at all since they sell so many bananas to compensate.

Rachel Potter,

These cuts mean that the only way we can continue to fund NHS services is through retail business, when what the NHS and we want to do is provide quality NHS services to reduce pressures on GP's and A&E. Not sell sandwiches! 

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Selling sandwiches? You'd want to see some of the rubbish we sell! No wonder the public are confused.

SydBashford Sold&Retired&DeRegistered, Community pharmacist

After this case is over, Cant some of these Documents be presented to the Media to further demonstrate to the public the full intention of the DOH in forcing pharmacies to close ?

Chris Mckendrick, Community pharmacist

all documents referred to in the Judicial Review are in the public domain. otherwise you could always try:-

I'd chip in £20 for that!

Daniel McNulty, Superintendent Pharmacist

True,  Chris, but being available and being widely spread are very different as I'm sure you know. I don't know what others feel but, really, I don't think the media are interested in pharmacy in the slightest. 

The question, for me, could equally have been "Are you hopeful" and I'd have still said no.


ajaz akhtar, Student

There's hoping and there's reality

Does Leicester need 13 pharmacies on one street 

Seal Patel, Community pharmacist

100% agree, you dont need large numbers in 1 area. Birmingham is just as saturated.

Chris Mckendrick, Community pharmacist

It depends on whether you want a diverse, thriving patient centred community pharmacy network, where patients can access a whole range of NHS and private pharmaceutical services without appointment when they need/want to, or one mega factory pharmacy churning out packages from a dispensing silo somewhere in the east midlands combined with one or two branches of the multinational owned pharmacies, where patients/customers can queue round the block to speak to one of their highly trained healthcare and wellbeing holistic advisers 

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Well, being a contractor you would say that.

Chris Mckendrick, Community pharmacist

Yes and so is Mike Hewitson and Ian Strachan and quite frankly I'm proud to be in their number 

ajaz akhtar, Student

Fair point Chris, in that case why not have a free for all ? 

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