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Lloyds and Well will ‘prioritise’ locums who can give flu jabs

Locums should be able to offer the services patients need, the multiples said
Locums should be able to offer the services patients need, the multiples said

Locum pharmacists who are accredited to administer flu jabs will be “prioritised” for shifts over those who are not this winter, Lloydspharmacy and Well have said.

Lloydspharmacy needs to ensure it can offer a flu service that will “help protect as many people as possible this winter”, a spokesperson told C+D earlier this week (September 1).

Locum pharmacists employed by the multiple should be able to offer all pharmacy services, “including vaccinations”, the spokesperson said.

“Where a locum presents who can deliver services, versus one that can’t, we will naturally prioritise what is best to meet the needs of our patients and we make no apology for putting their needs first,” they added.

This view is shared by Well, which told C+D yesterday (September 2) that it also “prioritises bookings for locums who are able to deliver services, including the flu service, which our patients and the NHS expect us to provide”.

“As the flu service has now been commissioned for several years, more locums are providing the service as they recognise the key role for community pharmacy in protecting the local communities we serve,” a Well spokesperson said.

“Consider offering” training

Lloydspharmacy said it might “consider offering access to online courses or face-to-face training for our most regular locums, but they must have proven long-term placements with [us]”, according to the spokesperson.

“We don’t consider a salary sacrifice scheme necessary for professionals who want to invest in their own career,” they said.

Lloydspharmacy told C+D last month it already had thousands of pre-booked appointments for flu jabs.

It added this week (September 1) that the multiple needs to be able to cater for this increased demand for flu vaccinations, which includes “operating with pharmacists that can provide services that our customers need”.

Boots told C+D today (September 3) that its “priority is to book locums when required and match skills to local needs where possible”. The multiple has “over 5,000 colleagues trained to offer flu vaccinations this year” and is “confident in our resourcing plans to meet patient needs”, a spokesperson said.

The community pharmacy seasonal flu vaccination advanced service – for which remuneration is still being negotiated by the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee – launched earlier this week (September 1).

In July, health secretary Matt Hancock told the sector that this year’s flu programme is set to be the “biggest in history”.

Do you agree with the point of view of the two multiples?

John Ashworth, Community pharmacist

You might need a flu vaccination certificate to take a booking , but that doesn't mean you have to do any !


Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

And who will your NEXT booking be with then? Certainly not Well or Lloyds.

Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

why has this thread died?

Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

Pharmacy business is a strange world, for example I needed a new bolier, a friend could have fitted it for me and was cheap but not Gas-safe so I had to pay more for British Gas who fitted the boiler and gave me the proper paperwork to show everything was fiited correctly.However this doesnt seem to apply in Pharmacy where if have more exprience and proper acceditation and paperwork in place you still do not get paided any more for investing time and money in your skills.

Glad I got out and if you need a good plumber give me a shout



Leon The Apothecary, Student

I don't find this news article to be a big revelation. This has always been the case. I find it refreshing they are being upfront about it for once.

S M, Locum pharmacist

Something in me says C+D is as corrupt as other sectors of this profession. Publishing one sided stories from their corporate daddies.  Advertising for this none sense.

I don't think the word "Chemist" is the issue in the title as that "lawyer chap" was saying in the other none sense article (we have capable medicinal chemist who are also pharmacists and it's part of the degree)  the name should change to "slave times" or "brainwash.bizz"

Surprised why they have NOT published a story about the positive cases of COVID 19 in AAH SCOTLAND that caused a huge disruption to the whole country with people getting no delivery at all???? Oh that's against your Patron's will...

in terms of flue vaccination:-

1)they don't reimburse you for your valuable time training

2)They DONT pay you more on your hourly rate

3) and at the end of the day they ONLY employ the cheapest pharmacists (they are defined as undercutters) even if they can't vaccinate

on a normal day they rather shut the shops as we have seen than pay a locum the rate they ask. These are ruthless people who only care about their deep black hole pocket than patient or employee safety as we saw in AAH.


so do NOT fall for this folk, if we don't do it, they still need a pharmacist to open up, vaccination is not your responsibility.

next they are going to ask for BOTOX ACCREDITATION.

pathetic .


Really? Wow, Superintendent Pharmacist

If you don't like the game, you have the free choice get out. However if you wish to put yourself out as a locum, you are in a competitive field and you are selling yourself to the employers out there. I find this totally laughable that you think I should pay you more for less revenue for me. 

I will pay more, for someone that makes me more.... its quite simple...  and with the attitude you seem to be displaying, I would guess that is not something you would bring to my business. 

Welcome to the real world!

Locum Pharmacist, Locum pharmacist

I could not have written this better myself.
I am disgusted at the whole situation and despair at the utter fools who fall for this sham.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

You're dead right. Already we we can see the wages of prescribers being driven down. These guys keep pushing as they rinse every penny possible from every sinew(no their own of course). Eventually even the brain dead adoloscents captured by the greedy universities will realise that for all the responsibilty and stress you will be genuinely better off in a McDonalds and climbing the ladder.

Chris Locum, Locum pharmacist

I suppose they will defend themselves by saying "We don't know what the payment is yet". Big Dunc will be telling you it is immoral to earn a salary next!

C A, Community pharmacist

All while "Big Dunc" as you put it is laughing to the bank, earning a "profiteering" hourly rate of £85+ /hr

Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

how is the rate of £85 high??


Axed Locum, Locum pharmacist

They really must be thick skinned, to expect the locums to do extra work for nothing, and with skeleton staffing.... Any locum doing this for a paltry £19.00 p/h must need their head examined.!!.  

David Moore, Locum pharmacist

Follow the money.

C A, Community pharmacist

"Lloydspharmacy needs to ensure it can offer a flu service that will “help protect as many people as possible this winter”"

You seem to have misspelled "make as much money as possible" there.

Also how about an alternate title C&D? "Locums capable of flu jabs in demand, they shouldn't sell themselves short in terms of hourly rate"

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

With a little investigation I'm sure you'd find C&D in bed with these terrible companies.


Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

It made me laugh. But I agree

How High?, Community pharmacist

And, this is news how?

Really? Wow, Superintendent Pharmacist

Why is this even a story?

Summary - Employer will employ those who can make the most money for them.....


As an employer, if I need a pharmacist who can do vaccines, and if you can't;  I won't take a second look at you. 

If you are a locum and you don't invest in your own skills to make you attractive to me, then you are really missing the point of how a self employed market works. 

Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

I suggest you start paying a lot more!

Really? Wow, Superintendent Pharmacist

I have never in my life paid a locum even close to £19, however you totally miss the point of a self employed free market. 

- Lets reverse the question - if you are not bothered to invest in your skills and do as much as you can for me, why do you think you deserve anything above basic? The contract over the years has been shifted away from dispensing to services, which are now essential to maintain the profitability of the business. What you see as extra, is now basic. 


Most of all, this is a non-story however. 

J RP, Community pharmacist

Which are now essential to maintain the profitability of the business. Hilarity at its finest. Can find plenty of shops that get by just fine without ever doing a flu jab. A half decent 32% gross profit margin on buying will get you a profitable shop. What you want is pharmacists to do more work for more profit but for the same pay so that it goes to you. If you're not a contractor and are an employed superintendent I wouldnt be surprised if you're paid bonuses for the number of flu jabs pharmacists do for you.

Really? Wow, Superintendent Pharmacist

I assume you do not own a pharmacy, so if its so profitable, get out there and buy.... let me know in a few years if you are singing the same tune. 

Matthew Edwards, Community pharmacist

I assume you know the above person to be so rudely attacking his rates of pay?  Although I agree with the paltry £19/hr comment above I was wondering what "a lot more" constitutes?   The snide remarks at contractors irritates me as not all are paying paltry sums 

Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

Matthew Edwards, Community pharmacist

alot more is whatever fair price for a helathcare professional with a Masters is.

A basic nurse on agency (max 3 year uni) is on £30++ PH.

Do you think working for £19 is fair??

Matthew Edwards, Community pharmacist

As I stated in my comment I agree £19/hr is paltry.  At no point did I express any other opinion on the remuneration except to ask what you thought was fair recompense for a locum since you were attacking someone else so rudely.  Instead all you have done is quote an hourly rate of an agency nurse and posted an off the cuff comment which has no substance.  Again I will ask.  What amount do you consider fair and qualified as a lot more?  

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

That sort of question will get you banned from posting.

Matthew Edwards, Community pharmacist

Only asking for an opinion.  Everyone seems to either be so negative on here or just likes to complain about money.  As I hadn't disagreed with the comment I was at a loss why I was bein attacked

Cymraeg Locum, Locum pharmacist

I "prioritise" working for Independents in my area over Lloyds and Well.

And I'll add :

As a locum who can deliver services, versus one that maybe can’t, I naturally prioritise what is best to meet the needs of patients and I make no apology for putting their needs first.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

I like the pretence of it being all about patient needs. A nice pre-weekend chuckle.


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