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Cohens buys 8 Lloydspharmacy branches for undisclosed sum

Lloydspharmacy, Ross-on-Wye in 2015. Credit: © 2017 Google, image capture: October 2015
Lloydspharmacy, Ross-on-Wye in 2015. Credit: © 2017 Google, image capture: October 2015

Cohens has bought eight Lloydspharmacies across England and Wales, C+D has learned.

Four of the Cohens acquisitions – in Royal Wootton Basset, Hereford, Hampshire and County Durham – confirmed to C+D that last Friday (March 31) was the last day they traded under the Lloydspharmacy name.

Lloydspharmacy's central development manager Alex Davis said the multiple is "constantly reviewing our estate and making decisions about buying and selling pharmacies".

A spokesperson for the multiple told C+D it would be up to Cohens to decide on whether all staff at the branches would be retained.

The multiple could not comment on how much the pharmacies had been bought for.

Cohens – which owned more 180 branches across the UK before the latest acquisition from Lloydspharmacy – has not responded to C+D's request for comment.

Where are the eight pharmacies?

  • Heaton Norris, Stockport, Cheshire
  • Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Robin Hood Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
  • Elstree Way, Swindon, Wiltshire
  • Kinmel Bay, Rhyl, Wales
  • Kent Avenue, Ross-on-Wye, Hereford
  • Essex Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Bridge End, Chester-le-Street, County Durham

Last month, Lloydspharmacy sold seven branches to Sutton Chase Ltd, as part of a divestiture requirement for its buyout of Sainsbury's pharmacy business.

Are any of these acquisitions in your area?

S Morein, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

Lloyds pharmrcies that are being divested sell like hot cakes. Yet the usual suspects say the so called cut are the death knell for contractors. Yet so many are willing to use cash to disprove the claims of collapse.

A Hussain, Senior Management

They've bought more pharmacies from what I've heard.  Cuts are cuts, but nobody is denying that the bigger you are, generally the better your chances are of surviving them.  These cuts clearly favour larger organisations.

ajaz akhtar, Student

Hussain , what's stopping independents getting togther and setting up a scheme ie. buying in bulk from a wholesaler, setting up a scheme where you put items which hv a 6 month shelf life on a website and exchanging with different pharmacies? 

A Hussain, Senior Management

The same thing that stops every corner shop coming together and beating off Tesco you idiot.  How much would my wholesalers licence cost to get rid of 63 keppra?

ajaz akhtar, Student

If you don't like the money go find another job. Tell me yur address and I'll cut the imaginary rope that's  around your neck holding you back 

A Hussain, Senior Management

Fair point.  Owning a business stops me from being bothered about the way the profession I've invested in professionally and financially is being directed.  I'll stop 'moaning' as soon as you stop writing this drivel on here in whichever name you're using this week.  As for giving you my address, no thanks.  Try not to attract pests.

ajaz akhtar, Student

*This comment has been deleted for breaching C+D's community principles*

A Hussain, Senior Management

Yeah you're right.  Should just leave you to have the whole thread to yourself as per usual.

ajaz akhtar, Student

Haha....still money to be made in pharmacy ...well done cohen..  As population increases due to mass uncontrollable immigration thanks to liebour, pharmacy will always be very secure..yes the funding has decreased but it's still a good business if you have the correct set up..

O J, Community pharmacist

Lmao mussy fudge u have out spoken the truth yet again.

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