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Lloyds 'really sorry' some staff not receiving correct pay

Kronos payroll system was rolled out to 4,000 Lloydspharmacy employees in May
Kronos payroll system was rolled out to 4,000 Lloydspharmacy employees in May

Lloydspharmacy is "really sorry" that issues with its new payroll system mean "some" employees have not been paid correctly, the multiple has told C+D.

A “small number” of Lloydspharmacy staff experienced pay issues in May, as its Kronos payroll system was rolled out for 4,000 employees, according to Hilary Stables, HR, talent and communications director at the multiple's parent company Celesio UK.

This was followed by "more pay queries in June, driven by some technical issues which are being resolved", Ms Stables told C+D yesterday (August 21).

"We are please to say that in July we had a very much improved month, with a significant reduction in pay queries."

"We worked around the clock to fix issues as quickly as we could," she added. "Any colleague who is paid incorrectly will always be fully reimbursed a quickly as we can."

PDA claims "hundreds" owed to some staff

The Pharmacists' Defence Association (PDA) told C+D it contacted Lloydspharmacy last Friday (August 18) to seek “assurances” that “members will be paid correctly going forward, including being reimbursed for any bank charges incurred as a result of the payroll error”.

A PDA survey of 80 members had revealed that "60% say they are not being paid correctly", it said, with "a quarter also experiencing problems getting expenses paid correctly".

"Many say they are owed hundreds of pounds by the company, with some saying the owed amounts are in the thousands," the PDA said.

However, Ms Stables told C+D that Lloydspharmacy is “not aware” of any staff currently owed hundreds of pounds, “and certainly no” staff who are owed thousands.

Any staff member who has incurred bank charges as a result of a pay error will be reimbursed as per the normal Lloydspharmacy policy, Ms Stables stressed.

Ms Stables said Lloydspharmacy “welcomed” the feedback from the PDA’s survey, but had “some concerns around some of its conclusions”, because the survey was conducted nationally – despite the system only being live in two regions. The survey also included locums, who “are not paid through the new system”, she added.

Increased calls in June

PDA director of defence services Mark Pitt told C+D that as of yesterday, the association had not received a response from Lloydspharmacy to the survey feedback.

“The issue has been around for a few months now,” Mr Pitt said. “We had hoped it would be quickly resolved, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.”

According to the PDA, 60% of survey respondents said they "cannot get their pay queries resolved by the company".

Responding to C+D, Ms Stables said the "increased level of queries in June" had resulted in "some challenges responding to colleagues as quickly as we would normally".

“We have increased the number of colleagues within our HR and payroll teams as a result,” along with “enhanced training and communication to help our colleagues fully with the new system”, Ms Stables said.

“We are continuing to work closely with our chosen suppliers to ensure that we have all of the collective issues resolved before we continue with the roll out across the remaining stores,” she added.

Have you experienced problems being paid by your employer?

catty dispenser, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

25/06/2018 this is still a monthly occurance. As far as i know all or most of kronos staff did not get paid as expected this morning. LLoyds are a total joke. Surely this should be investigated!

Bob Wilson, Manager

Place is a joke, run by dinosaurs and people that simply do not get it.......McKesson need to step in now and save the business 


Honest Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

More LIES from Lloyds and more pay errors AGAIN this month, just like every month, not just the Kronos system, Lloyds Payroll are just as bad, they can't get anything right! And as for the Expenses Department, I've got no idea what they do in there because they abviously don't pay any expenses!

I thought HR were supposed to be FAIR and TRANSPARENT?

Don't know how any of them can sleep at night. I couldn't treat people so terrible. They have NO INTEGRITY and just DON'T CARE about anyone. SHAMEFUL!

Violet Winter, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

Yet again more pay issues with Lloyds Pharmacy, I work the same hours every month yet pay is different amount every month! This month over £100 less!! BUT no one has been paid today!!! Lloyds Pharmacy have not paid their staff at all, wages due 25th of the month, it’s a disgrace!!! Only recieved our P60, we should’ve had those by May! And our pay do not have our hourly rate on them, how many hours we we cannot argue about our money as we have no clue what LLOYDS PHARMACY are meant to be paying.


Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

I think most people, at some time or another, have experienced a problem with being paid correctly and in time. Provided the employer resolves the issues, and any fallout, as quickly as possible, I don't think it's something for everyone to be getting so heated (and, looking at some of the comments, abusive) about. And I am really unclear why the PDA are sticking their oar in

Honest Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

That's the problem with Lloyds though Stephen - they DON'T sort it out full-stop. This has gone on for months and months, and when we have to write emails to payroll every single month because another colleague is owed money, well they just ignore you. Trying to sort out my colleagues' pay has been a battle, payroll just don't respond, they don't fix it. What are colleagues to do? Lloyds think they are untouchable, they are a law unto themselves.

You know when the minimum wage went to £7.50 the counter assistants and dispensers were then on the same wage? Understandably Lloyds then had a lot of complaints, they then said they would pay dispensers a little bit more in recognition of their role - seemed fair enough? It did until the following month they were told that they were NOT going to get this rise at the moment because of the problems payroll were having! They are a multi-billion pound company and they treat their staff absolutely terrible. It's not right ethically or morally. Sad state of affairs for all those really hard working colleagues. :-(

Pharmacist 7, Community pharmacist

Lloyds KRONOS problems still on going this month. I have received no money at all for August. The PDA Union must have had lots of complaints to take the issue on. 

Jonny Johal, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

What does this tell us about the state of Lloyd's finances?

Beta Blocker, Primary care pharmacist

Glad I left when I did. Feel sorry for all the employees

Pharmacist 7, Community pharmacist

Blatant Lloyds lies. The PDA only asked pharmacist memebers what about the rest of the employees? No help from managers each employee has had to try and chase the money themselves!! Not good enough.

Pharmacy Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Lloyds the LIAR!! Complete lies from Lloyds they are just trying to hide the truth. Loads of employees were not paid correctly in May, June and July. Some still owed money. Some got no pay at all for a couple of days, some didn't get holiday pay or sick pay. HR in chaos. No overtime was paid, employees told your will have to wait until we have sorted out the ones who got no pay!! Perhaps it's the usual lack of communication within Lloyds*

*This comment has been edited to comply with CD's community principles*

C A, Community pharmacist


Beta Blocker, Primary care pharmacist

*This comment has been deleted for breaching C+D's community principles*

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Isnt it funny that technical errors always result in underpaying, or is it that people who were overpaid did not report it?

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