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'Precautionary': Lloyds branch temporarily closed due to coronavirus

Lloydspharmacy: All equipment and surfaces were thoroughly cleaned

A Lloydspharmacy branch in Brighton temporarily closed as a precautionary measure earlier this week following a case of coronavirus in a GP practice it shares a premises with.

The pharmacy, located in County Oak Medical Centre, was temporarily closed on Monday (February 10). It closed “for cleaning as a precaution, following advice from the local NHS”, a Lloydspharmacy spokesperson told C+D yesterday (February 11).

“All equipment and surfaces have now been thoroughly cleaned and patients can access the pharmacy as normal,” the spokesperson added.

The two GP practices in County Oak Medical Centre, Warmdene Surgery and Carden Surgery, were also cleaned. They reopened “as normal” today (February 12), offering a “limited service”, according to statements on their websites.

Four new cases

Four new coronavirus cases have been registered in the UK, “bringing the total number of cases to eight”, chief medical officer for England Professor Chris Whitty announced on Monday.

The BBC reported yesterday that two of these cases are understood to be GPs, one of whom works at County Oak Medical Centre. Public Health England (PHE) could only confirm to C+D that two of the cases are “healthcare workers”.

“We are now working urgently to identify all patients and other healthcare workers who may have come into close contact, and at this stage we believe this to be a relatively small number,” PHE medical director Yvonne Doyle told C+D yesterday.

Meanwhile, health secretary Matt Hancock introduced The Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 on Monday, giving NHS staff the powers “to keep individuals in isolation where public health professionals believe there is a reasonable risk an individual may have the virus”.

The Chinese National Health Commission confirmed a total of 1,113 deaths from the coronavirus, while the number of confirmed cases had risen to 44,653 as of yesterday (February 11).

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Have you heard of similar cases where pharmacies had to close in the UK?

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

Matt Hancock made a statement in the HoC the other day and told people to not go to surgeries or A&E  but as per, no mention of us :-) its good to be part of the NHS!

It was also interesting to see that 2 GPs were having contacts chased, having worked at 2 surgeries and an A&E dept - a total of 12 patients?  a busy day then!

P M, Community pharmacist

why are we not being sent masks from the nhs, whos looking out for us..?

we had someone in last week high temp, coughing and spluttering who just got back from vietnam. 

we get no help .. send us some protection in community pharmacy.. i bet they've already starting sending out protective equipment to gp surgeries

and we are just as front line as them.. what being done ?

if i contract the virus trying to help someone then go home infect my wife and kids - - i bet i wont even get a thank you from the ccg or nhs ..

whats the deal when the virus finally arrives in my area .. can i close and put a sign up saying then the virus has arrived all prescriptions will now be delivered until further notice .. then just post meds through peoples door?

wheres all the planning why are not being told what we can and cant do under our contract.



Heather Pharm Tech, Allocation & Distribution

I agree with Leon, the advice is to maintain good hand washing hygine and remember the old adage 'Coughs and sneezes spread diseases'. Also, there are no masks to go around, mostly they are manufactured in China, as there is currently a ban on the importing of goods from China, that'll probably be a reason. Guidance also states that if you HAVE the virus you should wear a mask to limit respiratory exposure to others, but if you don't have it, then masks aren't recommended.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Part of me is thinking, you're just as likely to contract any other disease that you see, and not everything is going to be coronavirus. It is part of the risk of working with the public.

However, I would also observe the importance of effective hygiene precautions, such as having alcohol hand gel available and issued to every staff member and used on a regular basis, as well as maintaining a comprehensive handwashing technique.

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