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Lloyds aims to be ‘destination for OTC products’ with coupon scheme

Kyle Rowe: We want to make our pharmacies a consumer destination for OTC products
Kyle Rowe: We want to make our pharmacies a consumer destination for OTC products

Lloydspharmacy has partnered with marketing company Ecrebo to offer customised coupons to help its pharmacies become a “consumer destination for over-the-counter (OTC) products”.

Following a trial in 250 branches, Ecrebo’s software was rolled out across more than 1,100 pharmacies – excluding those based in Sainsbury’s – earlier this month, Lloydspharmacy said in a statement yesterday (May 12).

Offers on receipt

Under the new marketing strategy, customers will receive tailored offers with their receipts, including free giveaways and discounts based on their product choices, to spend in a Lloydspharmacy branch or online, the multiple explained.

“When the receipt is handed to the customer, their offer will be read aloud by the colleague serving them, helping to drive thousands of unique conversations every day in the 1,100 pharmacies utilising the software,” it added.

Lloydspharmacy introduced the software to expand customer loyalty and better understand their needs, the multiple told C+D.

It hopes to make its pharmacies “a consumer destination for OTC products”, with the ability to “target coupons specific to a single pharmacy or our entire estate”, according to Kyle Rowe, chief marketing and digital officer at McKesson UK, Lloydspharmacy’s parent company.

“As we continue to innovate and drive our omnichannel strategy forward, partnerships with companies like Ecrebo will become increasingly important in helping us to achieve our vision,” Mr Rowe added.

“Redemption rates” after reduced footfall

Since introducing the software, Lloydspharmacy has seen “industry-leading redemption rates that have exceeded expectations”, it said, and Ecrebo CEO David Buckingham confirmed that the results it reported “have been really encouraging”.

“Lloydspharmacy customers will receive regular, relevant targeted offers to encourage them back into store to buy the things they want and need from their local pharmacy,” Mr Buckingham added.

COVID-19 resulted in “lower foot traffic” to Lloydspharmacy’s branches in the UK, McKesson CEO Brian Tyler said during a conference call in August last year.

However, during the call he also revealed that the company had reported a 300% revenue rise for its prescription management app Echo, compared to before the outbreak of COVID-19.

What do you make of this announcement?

Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

Unsure how this is allowed by the Gphc since must break the following principle, considering products like Nurmol and PPi Nexium allowed GSL people are likely to stock up on these products 

Principle 4:from pharmacy standards

The way in which pharmacy services, including the management of medicines and medical devices, are delivered safeguards the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public.Pharmacy services’ covers all pharmacy-related services provided by a registered pharmacy including the management of medicines, advice and referral, and the wide range of clinical services pharmacies provide. The management of medicines includes arrangements for obtaining, keeping, handling, using and supplying medicinal products and medical devices, as well as security and waste management.

Medicines and medical devices are not ordinary commercial items.

The way they are managed is fundamental to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public who receive pharmacy services.

M. Rx(n), Student

Any self-respecting RP should not allow it under their purview. Easier to say though.

TC PA, Community pharmacist

Not sure what the issue is, the voucher can't be used for P meds. It's the same as any retail outlet that happens to sell any GSL meds offering vouchers or loyalty points. In larger branches with a pharmacy till and shop floor till the pharmacist won't be involved at all. Would you say people can't use their Boots points to buy a pack of 16 paracetamol?

I'm all for a bit of multiple bashing but only when it is actually justified.

M. Rx(n), Student

Is it professional practice on a pharmacy premises? Is it ethical to promote/ induce purchase of medicines (on a pharmacy premises)?

Am I missing something?

Sure, a supermarket or convenience store can do it, unless the distinction is irrelevant? But I guess considering the junk being peddled in pharmacies these days...

sunil maini, Community pharmacist

I always thought that medicines were not allowed to be sold and advertised as "cut price"  commodities?Yet again big pharma breaks all rules and ethical guidelines,and GPHC is too scared to act.Next it will be solpadeine for 50p,as long as you buy a shampoo.Codeine problem? No worries,as long as the shampoo is at full price....

Dodo pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Is this before or after Lloyd's are sold?

M. Rx(n), Student

Has the GPhC approved this? Or does this fall under a retail  "CONSUMER" affairs purview?

Just asking for a silly PATIENT, who gets confused whether a Pharmacy Premises is distinctly separate from a supermarket/convenience store.



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