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Lloydspharmacy pharmacy director issues warning over health bill

Lloydspharmacy pharmacy director Andy Murdock has warned that pharmacy must "get its act together" following last week's Health and Social Care Bill.

Mr Murdock said that pharmacy needed to figure out how to work in the "new world" NHS. "We also need to see what works, which is a bit like sticking jelly to a wall," he said.

Engagement by the whole sector, from top to bottom, was crucial Mr Murdock added."I think pharmacy should sit on the Health and Wellbeing Boards [who will in future commission public health services] as we offer public health services and the number of people coming though our doors is high," Mr Murdock said.

The health bill outlines plans to radically shake up the NHS and hand commissioning powers over to GPs.

However, Mr Murdock said that there was opportunity for pharmacy under the any willing provider model.

"We have to ensure GP consortia lift their eyes up towards pharmacy and other healthcare professionals to provide those services," he said.


Mrs W, Non healthcare professional

Lloyds needs to get its act together for its customers. For the last 4 years The Towcester branch hasn't been able to find prescriptions, totally ignores customers while making tea and gossiping and then doesn't carry decent stocks of basic blood pressure medication. It's not a pharmacy, it's a social club for the staff. Heaven forbid they should actually have to do some work! Despite repeated complaints - and apologies from the area manager - nothing has changed. It needs a complete cultural shakeup to make it professional and efficient. Suggest they sack a few of the lazy, long term staff.....

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