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Lloydspharmacy to roll out travel vaccination clinics to 120 branches

Vaccinations will be administered by trained pharmacists
Vaccinations will be administered by trained pharmacists

Lloydspharmacy will roll out private travel vaccination clinics to a further 120 of its branches within a year, it has announced.

The multiple first piloted the service in 40 branches in July-December 2018, and it is currently offered in 77 pharmacies – around 10 of which went live over the weekend. Thirty seven of these pharmacies are located within Sainsbury’s stores, Lloydspharmacy told C+D this morning (June 3).

It confirmed plans to open more than 100 clinics over the next 12 months, with pharmacies “going live daily”.

£20 telephone consultation

As part of the service, patients first have a telephone consultation with a specialist travel nurse at a cost of £20.

If appropriate, an appointment will then be made for the patient to visit their nearest Lloydspharmacy branch offering the service, where a trained pharmacist will administer the vaccinations at the additional cost of the vaccine.

For example, the rabies vaccine is available for £60, while a Yellow Fever vaccine is priced at £62.

The telephone consultation takes “under half an hour” and advises patients on which vaccinations are required based on their medical history, the places they are going and activities they have planned, Lloydspharmacy said.

Each patient will receive a “tailored travel plan”, as well as advice about travel health risks, such as Zika and dengue fever, it added.

No walk-in option

There is currently no walk-in facility, so patients have to book their consultation online or by phoning Lloydspharmacy’s travel vaccination partner company, MASTA, the multiple explained.

Commenting on the rollout of the service, Anna Ruthven, head of services at Lloydspharmacy’s parent company McKesson UK, said: “Not all GPs offer a full travel service and even if they do, some people find it difficult to get an appointment at a time that is convenient for them.”

She highlighted the extended opening hours in the Sainsbury’s-based pharmacies and the option to see a nurse face-to-face at a MASTA clinic as benefits of the service.

Read C+D’s in-depth analysis of how shifting expectations from patients and GPs are changing pharmacy travel clinics.

Do you offer a travel vaccination clinic in your pharmacy?

Community Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Another naff service from the leaders in BP testing (cancelled) Diabetes testing (cancelled) and prescription delivery (cancelled) -  the Pharmacy worlds version of a nightmare employer LOYDLS....Do you get a MAP to the NEW TRAVEL CENTRE if you were a customer from one of the HUNDREDS of branches they got rid of ??? NAH...just go elsewhere, independents have been giving travel advice for decades and not heralding it as some sort of 'novel' service...Love competing with LOYDLS...can't keep a pharmacist nor staff for 5mins and the customers know it and vote with their feet...Keep up the good (NOT)work Area/Regional/Head Office staff  and the rest of the Corporate Pharmacy Leaches ( CPL - new acronym for you to use at your next meeting right there, you can even claim that you thought it up win !!).I pity LOYDLS branch staff - Pharmacist 1/dispenser1/branch worker1 (all understaffed) whose blood,sweat and tears go to finance incompetent management structures, endless'meetings' and 'Blue Sky brainstorming' sessions...Clueless Corporate Claptrap at it's worst...Nationalise the lot of them with the help of the PDA to ensure decent working conditions all round.

C A, Community pharmacist

Have they changed their minds about BP testing for £3 and Diabetes testing for £5??

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

All sounds hunky dory , in reality, you don't get a penny for doing it, indemnity insurance rockets ,  theres no 2nd pharmacist,  you have to inject screaming children in your telephone box sized 'consultation room' whilst checking prescriptions , dealing with impatient customers, phone ringing , shoplifter in store, addicts kicking off, digging weeds from front door etc etc etc oh and by the way make sure you have some adrenaline .Most pharmacists i know who trained to do it , hate it , do it for a few weeks /months ,  then jack it in !!!!

Peter Smith, Student

I used to get customers kicking off if I was in the consultation room for more than ten minutes. Quite often they would be rude to the assistants and then demand their script back so that they can go somewhere else. I just can't see how this can be viable when most pharmacy teams are already grossly overstretched.

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