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Locum pleads guilty to false prescription; another jailed for theft

Liverpool Crown Court
Liverpool Crown Court

A locum pharmacist has pleaded guilty to writing a false prescription for codeine, while another who stole £45,000 of medicines over a 10-month period has been jailed for 18 months

False prescription

Ariyan Hassan, 27, (registration number 2217244) pleaded guilty to writing a false prescription for an opiate painkiller while working in a Boots pharmacy in Marlborough, Wiltshire in July 2020, Swindon Magistrate’s Court confirmed to C+D.

The locum pharmacist made the false prescription on July 27 last year. According to the Swindon Advertiser, Mr Hassan’s lawyer claimed he was threatened by an unknown man while putting the bins out at home.

Mr Hassan had “been a fool” according to Martin Hadley, defending, the paper said. He had written the prescription in a “childlike way” to be returned on Saturday – a day he was not working – in the hope it would raise suspicion, his barrister is claimed to have argued. However, the prosecution said that financial motive could not be ruled out, the Swindon Advertiser reported.

The hearing took place at Swindon Magistrate’s Court on April 14. Mr Hassan’s sentencing hearing is due to be held on July 30.

C+D understands that Mr Hassan is not subject to an interim suspension or conditions from the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), and a fitness to practise investigation is on hold pending the outcome of the criminal case.

£45,000 worth of drugs stolen

In a second case, held on March 24, Bilal Nazir, 35 (registration number 2078294), who stole £45,000 of medicines over a 10-month period has been imprisoned for 18 months. He received his sentence at Liverpool Crown Court on March 24.

Mr Nazir was placed on an interim suspension from the GPhC register for 18 months on November 1, 2019. A GPhC spokesperson told C+D that, separate from the interim order, a fitness to practise committee hearing will be listed “in due course”.

What are you thoughts on these two cases?

Dave Nickels, Community pharmacist

Why the fact he is a 'locum' pharmacist? It's as if locums are untrustworthy and dishonest.. it should read ' a pharmacist'

David Kent, Community pharmacist

This used to be an honourable profession with the needs of the patient balanced with the need to make a decent living.  It worked well, these people bring dishonour to us all and should be prosecuted to the full leter of the law.

MrR Patel, Community pharmacist

Stealing drugs worth £45000, what was he thinking? that he would never get caught? 



C D, Community pharmacist

Just goes to show. You need to be careful when putting your bins out.

Interleukin -2, Community pharmacist

..... As you might be waylaid by a certain Mr Mu if you are not vigilant who might then force you to write a false prescription 

Cod Fillet, Community pharmacist

They make a mockery of the profession if they don't get struck off. These are not accidental errors or mistakes ,  they are deliberate actions by adults acting in full capacity as pharmacists .

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

""writing a false prescription ""

Was he a independent prescriber? Did he supply Codeine Tablets?

More details please.

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