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Boris criticises funding cuts in London pharmacy meeting

Boris Johnson met with pharmacists, including Ruislip Manor Pharmacy owner Sanjay Doegar (second left)

The London mayor told pharmacists in west London that he will take their funding concerns to health secretary Jeremy Hunt


London mayor Boris Johnson has criticised the government's pharmacy funding cuts as not "thought through", according to London pharmacists who met him last week.

Mr Johnson met Ruislip Manor Pharmacy owner Sanjay Doegar and two other pharmacists last Friday (January 29). Discussing the 6% cut to the global sum in England, Mr Doegar reported that the mayor said: “Someone hasn’t thought this through, let me speak to [health secretary] Jeremy Hunt.”

The mayor agreed to meet with the west London pharmacists in his constituency office after receiving a "post-bag of letters” about the funding cuts, Mr Doegar said. But Mr Johnson was still unaware of the detail of the government's plans at the start of the meeting, Mr Doegar said.

The pharmacists focused on the "headline" points of the cuts in a half-hour discussion with the mayor, who appeared "quite savvy", Mr Doegar said.

“We [told him there is a] contradiction – GPs are overwhelmed and A&Es are bursting, and all our patients are being told to go to [their] local pharmacy,” Mr Doegar told C+D.

A visit from Channel 5 News

Channel 5 visited Mr Doegar's pharmacy on the same day as the mayor to discuss the government's proposals, Mr Doegar said. The pharmacy also featured in the Daily Mail’s report on pharmacy closures, which referenced C+D's coverage of the cuts.

You can download C+D’s template letter on the funding cuts to send to your local MP here. 


Have you engaged your local MP about the funding cuts?

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Sami Khaderia, Non healthcare professional

Indeed i am both a contractor and  a locum....However i dont feel the world owes me a favour just because i invested in a pharmacy and so expect protection from cuts - its like londoners who have invested £300,000 plus in a home and  then expect protection from property prices from going down. Why were the conytractrs silent for a decade as locum prices fell? why didnt u jump up and down for your fellow locum pharmacists..because u dont give a damn !

and then expect these locums to lobby their MPs for you... under the pretext that pharmacies will close and locums wont have any more work....plz plz pz, let the world know when the first pharmacy closes down!!!!!

ComPharm Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

The photo says a lot about our image as professionals.More like tradesman

Shaun Steren, Pharmaceutical Adviser

I think many tradesman would find your delusions of grandeur quite laughable, if not outright offensive. 

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Generally look quite good for pharmacists. But the standards are pretty low though.

Steve Stevens, Community pharmacist

Are the pda able to ballot their union members ?

Sami Khaderia, Non healthcare professional

Dear ANDREW.......pharmacies will never close as the public will never forgive just takes one or two to remain open and the whole ballot becomes a farce.....

Concerned pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Sami - can you tell us a bit more about yourself?  As a "non-healthcare professional" I am intrigued as to where exactly you are coming from.

You seem very disgruntled and spend a lot of time posting - is this because you have nothing better to do?

Most of us have our noses to the grindstone and the genuine concern is that these cuts will impact mainly on branch pharmacists and colleagues rather than contractors. Whether the contractors (especially the multiples) are fat-cats or not is not the point.


London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Sami Actually makes a few good points but unfortunately his views oppose those of many contractors and so rubs them the wrong way. Some of his opinions are probably shared by more than we think as many pharmacists are so institutionalised and afraid of thinking outside of the little box provided by their employer. Besides it makes this site a little more interesting than hearing the same dogmatic stories and veiled adverts churned out by the the multiples and Kirit.

Yuna Mason, Sales

What do we know about Sami? Sami claims to be a locum and a contractor who is very supportive of the government's cuts. There is nobody on the pharmacist register called Sami Khaderia, so it is a curious choice for a pseudonym. Sami posts regularly in threads about the cuts with views which are so odd that they may be an attempt at sarcasm. Some people say Sami is a troll. Sami accuses them of trying to stifle free speech. Sami may derive pleasure from making insensitive remarks to people whose livelihoods are at risk. Sami argues that their belief that their livelihoods are at risk is wrong and there will be no pharmacy closures. A user called London Locum suggested that Sami is actually Keith Ridge. We all lol'd.

Seal Patel, Community pharmacist

We dont know anything about sami but apperently he makes "6 figures a year" (read in one of his earlier posts on another article) so he just sits around and types load of rubbish which people like me find funny. We all know hes trolling, just ignore him. 

Sami to be honest does actually have a point, but nobody cares for it. 

Yuna Mason, Sales

It would be dull without him/her and others like him/her, we'd all be vehemently agreeing. And some of his/her posts are useful to challenge one's own thought process, hopefully improving it by doing so.

Sami Khaderia, Non healthcare professional

Jerry has stated the public should go to Pharmacies instead of A/E......but the public are excluded from over 700 pharmacies as they are that one out.....

Simon MEDLEY, Community pharmacist

there'd 700 of the ones to shut then ;)

Simon MEDLEY, Community pharmacist

there'd 700 of the ones to shut then ;)

Sami Khaderia, Non healthcare professional

Anyone who thinks boris will change anything needs to seek medical advice....

Giedrius Vaiciulis, Community pharmacist

Stop spamming Sami

Sami Khaderia, Non healthcare professional

The sooner we get out of the EU and stop the influx of foreign pharmacists the better....!!! It is a disgrace that british pharmacists are saddled with £30,000 worth of debt after their degrees yet EU pharmacists can come and train for 12 weeks and start employment...!!

Shaun Steren, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Mr Johnson then went on to visit many other businesses and government departments, all of whom were affected by cuts, all of whom were told how particularly unfair their individual case was. Some people mentioned 'the bankers', some mentioned 'offshore tax avoidance', others talked about the 'vulnerable'. Mr Johnson talked about the 'great work' being done. People nodded. Everybody went home. 


Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

At least they got their photo in the press !  The whole process by which the cuts have been announced is ILLEGAL and does not follow due process. There IS a mechanism that small independents should follow but they need to form an action group and do it now. .....................................................I doubt that C&D will be interested in this as they are more interested in rabble rousing for strike action. .........................................................

Follow the Judicial Process, the DoH will be caught with its pants down and laughed all the way out if they try to defend these cuts.

Yuna Mason, Sales

What do you have in mind by the 'judicial process' Harry?

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