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Manufacturer 'processing challenges' affected some flu vaccine orders

Seqirus: We have processed more than 8,500 orders of Fluad, totalling more than 9.3 million doses
Seqirus: We have processed more than 8,500 orders of Fluad, totalling more than 9.3 million doses

The manufacturer of the only flu vaccine for over-65s faced “challenges” processing “a small number” of pharmacies' orders due to the high volume of requests.

Seqirus, the manufacturer of Fluad – the only vaccine pharmacies can offer over-65s, according to NHS England guidance made the statement after two contractors raised concerns on Twitter that their orders had been “lost”.

“We experienced some processing challenges during the ordering period due to the sudden high volume of requests,” Seqirus told C+D on Monday (September 3).

“However, we believe this impacted a relatively small number of orders and that the majority of issues have been resolved.”

While it has been unable to fulfil late orders for Fluad “due to high global demand”, Seqirus stressed that there will be “sufficient quantities” of the vaccine available this flu season.

“We’ve processed more than 8,500 orders for Fluad from [GP] practices and pharmacies across the UK, totalling almost 9.3 million doses,” Seqirus added.

Deliveries “on track”

Community pharmacists were given the official go-ahead last week to start providing flu vaccinations last Saturday (September 1).

Seqirus said it has started its “first phase of deliveries and remains on track to meet the timetable for all other phases”.

C+D reported last week that wholesalers will not be able to supply additional Fluad vaccines to pharmacies that missed this season’s order deadline.

A total of 8,987 community pharmacies – 77% of all pharmacies in England – signed up to provide last season's national flu service, delivering a total of more than 1.3 million vaccinations.

Is your pharmacy offering the flu service this season?

Kirit Shah, Community pharmacist

Why are you shocked?It is just typical!

Why was only one manufacturer  authorised to make the vaccine for this year?

We know how many >65 year old people are out there and if the plan is to get 75% vaccinated the Govt knows how many vaccines need to be manufactured.

If that manufacturer could not cope surely the Govt should have authorised another manufactures make it fir the expevted demand.

Some sugeries are also phoning pharmacies to ask if pharmacy how many Fluad vaccines they are likely to get so that they can refer onto the pharmacy patients they cannot vaccinate!

Perhaps that will help in buiding up professional relationships for the benefit of patients too!



A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

Typical situation in Britain. Take a normal service and make it unreasonably complicated a)to employ more people b) create more complication uneccesarily 

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

"The sole supplier of the vaccine has had problems due to the high volume of orders" - I'm shocked!!

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