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Melatonin 3mg tablets receive licence, Colonis Pharma says


Melatonin 3mg film-coated tablets for jet-lag have been licensed for use in the UK, manufacturer Colonis Pharma has announced.

The immediate-release tablets can be used by adults to "facilitate sleep onset" and improve "quality of sleep", the manufacturer said.

“Prior to this launch, licensed immediate-release melatonin was unavailable. Instead, clinicians have prescribed a variety of unlicensed products,” Colonis said.

The film-coating of the tablets can mask their taste, which may aid patient compliance, Colonis added.

The tablets have an 18-month shelf life, "which reduces the need for the medicine to be replaced regularly", it said.

The NHS price for 30 melatonin 3mg tablets is £65.00.

Melatonin 3mg film-coated tablets are available from all mainline wholesalers, including AAH, Alliance Healthcare and Phoenix Healthcare. For more information, contact Colonis on 01892 739 403 or [email protected]

What jet-lag treatments do you recommend?

Crikey, these can be bought at this strength for $5 in the USA on

Michael Achiampong, Community pharmacist

How much for 30 tablets?! Seeing is believing!

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