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More than 1,600 pre-regs apply to join provisional GPhC register

GPhC: Provisionally registered pharmacists might need to "explain their status to patients"

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has received more than 1,600 applications from pre-registration trainees to join its provisional register, C+D has learned.

The process of applying to join the register “has been straightforward for the majority of people”, the regulator said in its council papers. The papers were published earlier this week (July 20), ahead of the regulator's meeting today (July 23).

As of July 17 – the last date on which those wanting to join the GPhC register from August 1 could submit their applications – more than 1,600 pre-reg trainees had applied to join the provisional register, a GPhC spokesperson told C+D yesterday (July 22).

“A number of trainees” were affected by a “specific technical issue for a short period of time”, the GPhC also said. The issue – which prevented some pre-registration trainees from accessing their final declaration on the application form for the provisional register – has now been resolved, the spokesperson told C+D.

Pre-registration trainees can join the provisional register free of charge – provided they meet the GPhC requirements, such as having “successfully completed 52 weeks pre-registration training in 2020” and not having previously failed the GPhC registration exam.

The provisional register will remain open for trainees to join until July next year.

Responsible pharmacist

When setting out its criteria for provisionally registering this year’s trainees in May, the GPhC said pre-registration pharmacists would also be able to serve as the responsible pharmacist.

The regulator specified in its latest council papers that if a provisionally registered pharmacist works as the responsible pharmacist, “the responsible pharmacist notice must display this”.

Provisionally registered pharmacists might also need to “explain their status to patients [and or] members of the public” and their employers must ensure they are aware of this requirement, the council papers explained.

In order to remain on the register, provisionally registered pharmacists must sit and pass the registration assessment “at the first opportunity if they are fit to do so”.

The GPhC does not yet have a date for when its registration assessment – which this year will be held online for the first time – will take place, the spokesperson told C+D. All 2020 GPhC registration assessments were postponed in March due to COVID-19.

Will your pharmacy employ a provisionally registered pharmacist?

A Long Serving Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

And if you are unlucky enough to have failed one or two attempts at the pre-reg exam you shall NOT register! Even though some of these people have more than enough experience to be provisionally registered, would be signed off by their pre-reg tutor, but just can't quite get their head around the exam. There will be some given provisional registration who would never have passed the exam!

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Did you bang your staff down as you typed that?

To be fair, there's probably a lot of REGISTERED pharmacists that wouldn't pass the exam. I know I wouldn't now because it's based on stuff you don't really need to know at the business end of the job, so I have forgotten those things to leave room in my overfilled brain for the things I DO need to know.

R A, Community pharmacist

Soon those cushy practice pharmacist job will end up not so cushy because practices will take advantage of the surplus. Agree with everyone here walk away from pharmacy sector as soon as you can!

Tim B, Locum pharmacist

And I shall be the third to say don't do it !! Find something else other than retail pharmacy. Please, just don't !!

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Can I be the first one on here to urge them to re-think their career choices before it is too late? AVOID COMMUNITY PHARMACY LIKE THE PLAGUE. If you can get industry, great, PCN not too bad, community appalling.

Conor M, Community pharmacist

I'll second that, wouldn't waste my time on the provisional register! Would rather not be miserable everyday. I'm off to find something else that isn't retail Pharmacy.

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Good man. It's taken me 30 years to do that!

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