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Movelat maker highlights injury as obstacle to exercise

A fifth of adults who no longer exercise stopped because of an injury, a survey by Thornton & Ross has revealed.

The manufacturer, which produces the Movelat pain relief range, said its survey of 2,000 adults in August also revealed that a quarter of those who avoid exercise blame “limited time”.

The Movelat range aims to encourage people “not be held back by pain and... carry on with their active lives”, said Thornton & Ross, which announced a sponsorship deal between Movelat and sporting association England Netball last month.

As part of the partnership, the manufacturer has published tips from the England netball team for avoiding injury and staying active at

Movelat Relief Cream and Movelat Relief Gel both retail for £4.62 for 40g, and £7.36 for 80g.

To order, contact 01484 848200

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