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Nearly £5m increase for Scottish pharmacies in new funding deal

The global sum will be “subject to a fixed percentage uplift of 2.5% in each of the three years”
The global sum will be “subject to a fixed percentage uplift of 2.5% in each of the three years”

Funding for Scottish pharmacies will increase by almost £5 million in 2020-21, Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) has announced.

Under the latest funding agreement, the global sum for community pharmacy will increase to £188.148m in 2020-21 – up from £183.559m in 2019-20 – CPS confirmed yesterday (February 26). 

This means that funding for the next financial year will increase by £4.6m, more than doubling last year’s and 2018-19’s increases of £2.6m. This follows two years where the global sum stood at £178.4m.

The “non-global sum” – which is dependent on factors such as margins – will remain at £1.3m.

This amount “will be repurposed towards funding infrastructure to support the joint Scottish Government and CPS strategy of increasing the number of [the] independent prescriber workforce within the community pharmacy setting”, according to a circular the Scottish government shared with pharmacy contractors today (February 27).

Three-year deal

CPS and the Scottish government have negotiated a three-year deal for community pharmacy, which covers the financial years from 2020-21 to 2022-23.

As part of the deal, the global sum will be “subject to a fixed percentage uplift of 2.5% in each of the three years”, according to the circular.

The Scottish government said the deal “aims to deliver contractors and health boards with the continued stability and predictability established in recent years”.

NHS Pharmacy First

The Scottish Government confirmed its commitment to allocating £10m over the next three years to the new NHS Pharmacy First service, which will be introduced from April.

The service will see pharmacists offer free advice, treatment or supply of medicines – supported by national patient group directions (PGDs) – to patients presenting with urinary tract infections or impetigo.

Independent prescribing

Pharmacy owners will be able to use a £3.258m budget to support their pharmacists completing the NHS Education for Scotland foundation programme and training programmes for pharmacists to become independent prescribers.

Welcome investment

CPS director of operations Matt Barclay told C+D that a three-year deal felt like the “correct decision for the pharmacy network”.

“Significant service developments starting with the NHS Pharmacy First in April of this year, followed by supporting independent prescribing in community pharmacy and creating a career framework in community, can be the focus over the coming years," he said. 

“The Scottish Government has supported community pharmacy with extra investment, which is welcome, and this will be the platform with which we can ensure that community pharmacy service provision continues to be an invaluable part of the changing primary care landscape in Scotland.”

What do you make of the new contract for community pharmacies in Scotland?

Mark Bartley, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

Can we borrow the Scottish negotiating team here in England please?

Stephen Kane, Community pharmacist

We will shortly be seeing all of our Health Care Professional colleagues being awarded their annual pay increases, while Community Pharmacies in England get nothing for FIVE years except Increased costs.

Now Scottish Contractors have shown us what was possible ( I am genuinely delighted for them ).

Simon Dukes must step and explain again why he believed the five year deal was good for us.


Sanjay Patel, Community pharmacist

I wonder if PSNC even know how to spell negotiate let alone negotiate.

Probably spell it as  "SELLOUT"

Only thing they are of proud is that they manage to negotiate the change of QPS to PQS -wow!





Alexander The Great, Community pharmacist

Can anyone explain to me who elects PSNC managing body and who funds it?

N patel , Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

alexander  it is mugs like you and me who funf the totally useless PSNC.. i have always said that they are not |FIT FOR PURPOSE so  unfortunately independent pharmacy is going to get washed down the drain 

thepharmacist Forever!, Pharmacist Director

I believe all the pharmacies pay a fee to the local LPC and the PSNC take a very significant percentage from each of the LPC, so in reality the pharmacies pay the PSNC.   They are trying to reduce the number of LPCs and give more money to the PSNC in the current consultation i believe

thepharmacist Forever!, Pharmacist Director


Well done Scotland, lead the way......... but England cannot even get close to following, we are falling more behind than ever......who is responsible.....???? PSNC!!!!

There is an opportunity to comment with the current review of the represenation of community pharmacy, finishing tomorrow...... lets get rid of those that have shown they cannot look after community pharmacy in England and replace with those that can!

Save community pharmacy England.... please


N patel , Non Pharmacist Branch Manager


Tas Bhatti, Community pharmacist

Really pleased for our colleagues north of the border. We see what happens when you have a negotiating team who actually negotiate. PSNC take note! Contractor disatisifcation with your performance is rapidly accelerating. Your poor performance is really highlighted by the success of other parts of the UK. Time to pull your fingers out and actually do some work.!

James Tibbs, Superintendent Pharmacist

Can someone please explain to me why this is not happening in England?! 

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Because we don't have CPS or CPNI who fight for their members. We have PSNC, who are more concerned about themselves.

P M, Community pharmacist

boom there u go 2.5 % uplift every year..

scotland 1 england 0

Independent Dave, Community pharmacist

Lol more like Scotland 7 england -3.

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