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New cough syrup is pharmacy-only

Infirst Healthcare has launched a pharmacy-only cough syrup, designed to treat all types of cough.

Unicough launched this month and works by addressing the hypersensitivity of the cough reflex, which makes it suitable for dry, tickly and chesty coughs, the manufacturer said.

A randomised study of 163 patients co-ordinated by King’s College Hospital, London, found that the cocoa-based formulation was more effective at reducing the frequency of coughs and the disrupted sleep caused by coughs than simple linctus, Infirst Healthcare said.

The manufacturer expects the launch to “reshape the approach to acute common coughs”. A 150ml bottle retails at £8.85.

To order, contact Powermed Plus on 01844 299374


We’re all doomed, Locum pharmacist

WOWZER, Must have missed the lectures on marshmallow extract and cocoa 30+ years ago or has there been a recent NICE update that I've missed? Another 'Emperors new clothes' product marketed on 'my behalf' where I will squirm to find the right words ('s of little won't do you any will taste nice....would you buy whilst trying to retain some credibility. One positive from a marshmellow extract request....referral to GP, cough had lasted for 8 weeks wished to buy out of desperation. That first all important simple question for any request for a 'cough bottle'

Mr CAUSTIC, Community pharmacist

more effective than simple linctus ! is simple linctus more effective than a placebo?

Old Timer, Manager

Well what is a cocoa based formulation ? 8.85 for 150ml single malt is cheaper .

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