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LPCs reveal flu service IT plans

Seven areas have told C+D they intend to use existing IT solutions to deliver England's national service


Local Pharmaceutical Committeess (LPCs) are turning to the PharmOutcomes data tool in the absence of a national IT system for England’s flu scheme, due to launch this month.

NHS England said last month that it has "not been possible" to put in place a national electronic system to connect pharmacies and GP surgeries in time for this winter, and urged local health leaders to find their own IT solutions where possible.

Some contractors may have to “rely on a paper-based system of communication” with GP practices if no other option is available, it said at the time.

Seven LPCs told C+D last week that they hoped to reuse the PharmOutcomes data tool as a replacement because using paper for the service would be an “absolute nightmare”.

What the LPCs are saying:

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Fatema Dossa, Community pharmacist

Pharmoutcomes worked well last yr. Not sure why all that money needs to be wasted to invent another system.

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

Nice to see these forums being used for commercial promotion ;) Not sure that is what they are for

Pritpal Thind, Community pharmacist

There is more out there- - solution used by London. 118k vaccinations recorded last year, easy transfer of date via NHS mail to GP mail.

Chris ., Community pharmacist

Unrelated....but how come there is not a news article on yet about the HUGE news in exam changes. Changing to all open book and morning is 40 calculcations......Afternoon only has two diff forms of question.

Richard Buxton, Community pharmacist

Great to see a solution emerging in the forward thinking locations. Come on Wessex, lets be next to announce the right way forward for our contractors. A paper based system would not on clog the system for everyone, but the time lost would be at the detriment of patient care .... how can this possibly be so?

Alchemist 1948, Locum pharmacist

Lancashire LPC are waiting for confirmation that we will be able to use Pharmoutcomes. It worked really well last year so if it ain't broke

Eddie Nicholas, Pharmaceutical Adviser

LPC - need help and support with an IT tool -

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