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New owner for MDS supplier Biodose comes too late for some pharmacies

Dosecare has assured "undisrupted service to all pharmacies and care home suppliers"
Dosecare has assured "undisrupted service to all pharmacies and care home suppliers"

A company has acquired monitored dosage systems (MDS) supplier Biodose to prevent its closure – but not before some pharmacies purchased new systems from other suppliers.

In October, pharmacies were given six weeks to find a new MDS supplier, after Biodose’s parent company Protomed announced it would close the business on November 30, due to a lack of “meaningful profit”.

However, medication management company Dosecare has acquired the intellectual property rights to continue to manufacture Biodose products – including trays and heat sealers – under the name Biodose, and bought Protomed’s current stock, the company announced on November 30.

Dosecare said that following the acquisition, it has assured “undisrupted service to all pharmacies and care home suppliers, with no planned price increases”.

“Some pharmacies have switched”

Healthcare company Issa Group, which owns Dosecare, also confirmed that pharmacies will not need to switch MDS suppliers – as Protomed had suggested at the time it announced its closure.

But Mehfuz Dasu Patel, service development manager at Issa Group, told C+D he was aware that some pharmacies had already spent money doing so before the acquisition was announced.

“Sadly, the deal was done after [Protomed] had decided to liquidate, so some pharmacies started switching over.

“We understand the last couple of months have been unsettling, but I hope we can now reassure customers who trust the Biodose product that it’s never been in better hands and will be a high-quality product in the market for many years to come.”

“Changing medicines management”

Mr Patel said the manufacturer planned to “invest continually in new innovations” and “change the traditional model of medication management”.  

“The acquisition of Biodose gives us control over the supply chain, bringing years of experience to our customers and economies of scale which will directly benefit their business,” he added.

Does your pharmacy use Biodose monitored dosage systems?

Anna Wigan, Design

I Lost 5 Care homes because of Protomeds debarkle and aggressive poaching of other pharmacies. Expensive as biodose is, there is no viable alternative. We've switched back from Multimeds and managed to salvage back 4 out of 5 homes with another 4 in the pipeline who arent happy with their pharmacys alternative. Every cloud!

Vick D, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

Glad we held out..!!! My Care Homes are so pleased that we have decided to stay with BIODOSE. 
Care Homes want, what they want which is BIODOSE. If I cannot deliver Biodose service then they will find someone else.

Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

Hmmmm I suppose I trust you Vick, just as much as I trust BIODOSE"! the excellent MDS solution which comes in a tray

Call Me Cycnical, Senior Management

Vick D sounds just like a DoseCare employee me thinks

Vick D, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

haha...i wish. but in all honesty the fact that they honoured the discounts i had with Protomed, gives me confidence that this is a good move.

right now I would be more than happy to take any job other than being an owner of a pharmacy.!!

Call Me Cycnical, Senior Management

Biodose sells for £1.03 on average. It costs 90p to make it. Thats 13% GROSS Profit, Vick D, take comfort in that not only are you not making any money serving carehomes with Biodose, they wont make any out of selling it. To reduce its costs, they have to lose its advantage, the liquid heat seal. When its cold seal, it becomes the most expensive version of a standard blister. Good luck with that business model

John Ashworth, Community pharmacist

How does pharmacy make any money supplying it ? Seems to me that we are subsidising the homes allowing them to employ less well qualified staff to administer the medicines .

Paul Guest, Manager

Just when we thought we'd finally got rid of biodose. 

Richard MacLeavy, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

It won't last long

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