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NHS England: Five Year Forward View ‘not a commentary’ on pharmacy

Anne Rainsberry: Five Year Forward View was "very much built on" responses to the Call to Action consultation

An NHS England strategy document with only four references to the sector was not intended to focus on a particular profession, says the organisation's director for London



The NHS England primary care strategy barely mentions pharmacy because it was “not a commentary” on the sector, the commissioning body’s London director has said.

The Five Year Forward View was not intended to focus on a particular profession and had "very much" taken into account pharmacy's responses to its Call to Action consultation, of which there were more than 800, NHS England regional director for London Anne Rainsberry stressed.

Ms Rainsberry defended the "visionary document", which only mentions pharmacy four times, against criticism from LPC leaders, who branded the consultation a waste of time. 

“It [the Five Year Foward View] was meant to look at the challenges and the things we could do about it. I don’t think it sought to say that pharmacy didn’t have a key role, because clearly it does,” she told C+D last week (December 9).

The document called for pharmacists to form large-scale primary care practices with GPs, and Ms Rainsberry said this should act as a “rallying call” to encourage the two professions to collaborate together.

“[There is a] growing understanding in every western country that people live longer and are becoming ill [with] long-term conditions,” Ms Rainsberry said. “We need a much more integrated approach [and] I feel optimistic about it.”

National Association for Primary Care co-chair Charles Alessi told C+D last month that the references to pharmacy in the document were “notable by their absence”. “All it does is paint a picture of what a future health and social care system may look like, but the detail is completely missing,” he said.

In April, NHS England said it had been “overwhelmed” by more than 800 responses to the Call to Action consultation for pharmacy. Clare Howard, NHS England’s deputy chief pharmaceutical officer at the time, said pharmacists’ submissions would be independently evaluated and reported back to the team working on the body’s community pharmacy strategy.



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What do you make of this story?

Graham Phillips, Superintendent Pharmacist

Colleagues I agree that the way NHSE sidelined our substantial C2A response is a disgrace, even more so that they didn't even have the courtesy to tell us until C&D dragged it out of them.. well done as ever C&D. All of that, the mentions of pharmacy in the 5YFV are highly significant. There's a new man at the helm of the NHS (Simon Stevens) and its essential we enagage constructively with him and show him what a massive contribution we can make. Despite the many frustrations of 2014, let's make '15 "The Year of the Pharmacist" because Pharmacists can Save the NHS"

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

"The NHS England primary care strategy barely mentions pharmacy because it was “not a commentary” on the sector, the commissioning body’s London director has said." But it is a comment(ary?) on NHS Englands continuing dismissive attitude to our profession.

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

Having not read the document, can I therefore presume there is little mention of GPs, nurses etc?

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

As an Unkown Pharmacist it is wise not to comment on UNKNOWN facts.

D Mc, Community pharmacist

document search results: GP 38 times Doctor 7 nurse 10 clinician 9 pharmacist 4 dentist 0 optician 0 just think of the poor dentists and opticians!

"Very much built on the responses" but presumably not on the pharmacy responses which weren't actually read or considered.

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

It would be more useful if she had actually told us how the responses were taken int account to produce the document given the total lack of any relevant mentions in it - how hard was she pressed to elaborate?. It all sounds like a politicians way of saying "we forgot about you but we will remember next time (if i am still here)"

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