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NHS England to 'look into' flu complaints against GPs

NHS England: Expects GPs and pharmacies to work together to deliver flu vaccinations

NHS England has confirmed it will "look into complaints" regarding GP practices deterring patients from the pharmacy flu service.

The commissioner is aware of a “small number of local concerns” and its regional teams will investigate "where appropriate"it told C+D yesterday (September 26).

“We would expect general practices and pharmacies to work together to ensure as many eligible people as possible take up the offer of a flu jab,” NHS England said.

“We recognise that community pharmacy services offer patients additional choice and convenience,” it added. 

C+D reported yesterday that a GP surgery had accused pharmacists of "accosting" patients to get their flu jab, and has also received reports of GPs threatening to "delist" patients who use the pharmacy flu service.

Speaking exclusively to C+D at the Pharmacy Show yesterday, NHS England’s assistant head of primary care Dr Jill Loader said she welcomed pharmacists sending in evidence of flu tensions with GPs.

Commenting on the rollout of this year's flu service, Dr Loader said NHS England's winter wellness campaign will officially launch on October 1, with a media campaign encouraging everyone to get their flu jab.

She expects flu vaccination numbers to be highest in November as a result, she added. 

Last winter, two pharmacies delivered more than 1,000 flu vaccinations each. Find out how superintendent Antonio Monachello plans to repeat his success this season here.

Have you sent evidence of the flu tensions to NHS England?

Mitesh Patel, Community pharmacist

Those flu jab reminders GP's attach to prescriptions are ever so useful...

Chris Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

They needn't bother...pharmacists chasing a bigger slice of the pie, GPs wanting to protect their income....there are bound to be a few conflicts. GPs and pharmacists working together to benefit patients sounds all well and good in theory but when it comes down to money then patients best interests go out of the window...and it works both ways, I'm sure some pharmacists have been pushing flu jabs a little too firmly onto their patients

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