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NPA asks policing minister to 'intervene' over violent crime

The NPA has also reached out to pharmacy minister Steve Brine
The NPA has also reached out to pharmacy minister Steve Brine

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has asked the policing minister to "intervene" over "a recent spate of violent crime affecting community pharmacy".

After "reaching out" to policing minister Nick Hurd, the association has arranged a meeting with him "soon", NPA head of parliamentary affairs Chris Ford told C+D.

The NPA will also be "working closely" with the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to "reaffirm the commercial and community value of pharmacy".

Mr Ford said the NPA wrote to the government “shortly after the election” to press for “immediate action” on the long-delayed legal defence from criminal prosecution for inadvertent dispensing errors.

The NPA has already "reached" out to recently appointed pharmacy minister Steve Brine, and health secretary Jeremy Hunt, for a meeting "very soon", he said.

“It is safe to say that our relationship with the Department of Health (DH) is top priority for our members.”

“In the immediate aftermath of the election, we’re busy linking up local pharmacies with their newly elected MPs,” he added.

The DH's head of pharmacy revealed last week that inadvertent dispensing errors will not be decriminalised until Northern Ireland has a functioning devolved government.

“Ambitious plans”

Mr Ford also revealed more of the NPA’s strategy, which include “ambitious plans” for this year's political party conferences, a number of reports jointly authored by Westminster think-tanks, and a parliamentary action day.

Have you met with your local MP since the election?

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

Does  that violent crime include the mugging of Pharmacy by the DoH?  Does it involve the protection racket run by surgeries - dont complain about our dodgy methods or your business will mysteriously disappear? 

Does it contain anything about being held to ransom by big Pharma to get hold of drugs for our patients or the cynical underpayments by the ppa or whatever it calls itself this week?

let me think.........

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